so, i have this idea for a roleplay group. but i'm not quite sure if i should actually make it. obviously it will be a family roleplay ^__^ & i don't have a description yet but it will take place in california. basically everyone creates their own mini family. & then they're allowed to roleplay with whoever they want. they can reserve other people and you can plan relationships, flirtationships & friendships. blah, i don't know. but i kind of want to go for it because i miss family roleplaying and not a lot of people do it on polyvore anymore c:

so basically;
- like for a link.
- would you join?
- do you like the idea?
- anything you might want to add to this?
- who would you be?
- tag someone for a link ^_^
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Wrote 4 years ago
Lmaooo she smart vvv ! LMFAOO. Veery clever !

Wrote 4 years ago
- heck yeah. i miss family roleplaying.
- obvi.
- no.
- are there allowed to be two of the same models? ._.
- @youandcrystalatsix (;

Wrote 4 years ago
exactly so maybe tomorrow i will try again v.v

Wrote 4 years ago
ooph. :c
i'm sorry.



♥ roleplay hoarders. ♥

♥ roleplay hoarders. ♥


the roleplaying club.

the roleplaying club.

hey there. (:
I get a ton of messages asking me to help advertise for auditions, so this is another roleplay group, to enter all of your roleplay sets and advertise your roleplay groups.
but in this one, I will post frequent announcements with links to new roleplay groups that I stumble across, or even roleplay groups that you guys send me!
I will also post links to your open roleplay sets, so just send 'em to me. 
but in addition to posting the link to a group, I will also post which spots are open, who the mods are, and what level of descriptiveness you might need to get into it.
also, I will post daily roleplaying tips and hints, to help you with your roleplaying!  
so join the group, post your roleplay sets, and send me links to your groups and open private roleplays! also watch the announcements for new and upcoming roleplays. (:
love, scarlett.

the roleplay community.

the roleplay community.

- november 07, 2011.
lol ignore the creɑtive name.
This group's purpose is for the roleplɑying community of polyvore. I figured, things would be a lot simpler if we hɑd ɑ mɑin group to turn to. Whether you enjoy privɑte roleplɑys, group or mɑybe even fɑmily -- ɑll sets ɑre welcomed here c: so don't by shy to post some sets or ɑsk for ɑ group ɑdvertisment, either. we're ɑll here for the sɑme reɑson.
oh gosh, cheesy intro.

roleplay wonderland.

roleplay wonderland.

post all your roleplay related sets here...

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