Ever since it was first published in 1951, Poise magazine has been one of the most bought fashion magazines in the country. Translated into over 50 different languages and sold in over 40 countries, this is the magazine to beat and the dream job for any aspiring writer. Fashion designers beg to have their clothes featured in their articles, models starve themselves just so they can get on the cover and the celebrities can’t wait to give the magazine a tour of their home closet just so they can be on their pages. 

Following the dedicated photographers, editors and writers of the magazine is a TV crew. Poise is about to be put on camera for the world to see in an all new way! A reality show will follow the employees of this booming company to see how each month they cone out with an amazing magazine, not to mention to follow the lives and drama of it’s writers and other workers. So grab your laptops, a notepad and make sure you come to work looking presentable because the world is watching you! 

1. Would you join? 
2. How active would you be? 
3. Would you want to help co-admin?

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Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
Then I would definitely join.
@lady-ashley-snape Could you tag some of your friends that role play?

Wrote three years ago
@baidizzle-is-mad-as-a-hatter It would be Polyore.

Wrote three years ago
I would join! Is it tumblr or polyvore?
@lady-ashley-snape @bookworm @katieisprettyinpink



The people in your head

The people in your head

Everyone who plays in an rpg, have people in their heads. I, for example have 5 different characters. I love to make sets for them, to express their feelings and wishes. Do you have characters and sets that tell something about them? Please join!

Advertise Your Roleplay

Advertise Your Roleplay

Got a roleplay that needs members? Need to be in a new roleplay? This group is for you.
**Note: Credit for the idea to "The Ultimate Roleplay List".**
Okay, heres what to do. PM one of the moderators to get your RP on here. Include name, link, and the info {bio thing}. We will then announce it on here. AND VWOILA! People can check out your roleplay and join it as they wish!
*Note: Most are celeb roleplays



This is your place to advertise! :D
for your RP / roleplay groups!
need more people to join? advertise here!
need guys? advertise here!
need girls?!?! haha advertise here!

PrIvAtE rOlEpAy

PrIvAtE rOlEpAy

Seems like polyvore gone to prp.
So why not have a group where you can keep track of them all?
Namely for myself 'cause i want to reread sets sooo here for all the prps!

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