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In a world where we all struggle to hide and fit in with the humans, you must know everything. We’re all different, all have different powers.

But within these wonderful and unique powers comes responsibility. All species of mythical creatures, no matter what grudges are held, follow the rule of Lota. In this old book lie the sacred laws of our forebears. They guide us every day in our actions, in our minds, literally telling us what to do.

Ash Dawn is my name, and I am a daughter of Achelois, the goddess of the moon. As a child, I had no powers, and my mother grew sad and melancholic at this, and when Venus, the goddess of love and beauty saw this, she mourned for my mother, who was her very close friend, and gave up her powers so that I could have her. That is why my spirit voice is not of Achelois’, but Venus’. 

Jackson White is my best friend. He is the son of Attis, the god of rebirth. He can’t quite control his powers and, up until now, his powers haven’t had anything to do with what he’s supposed to do. I have night vision (courtesy of Achelois), atmokinesis (the power to control wheather), and mind control (courtesy of Venus), which all have to do with my ancestors, but Attis? He shoots fireballs and becomes invisible and is way too fast and agile… Is there something up with that?

Julie Rose is my other best friend. She isn’t directly of the gods and goddesses line, but she’s a Mormo. Mormos are known for biting and punishing children at night for wronging their parents, but I know Julie’s too afraid to ever bite a child. 

Weston Halo is a phoenix/human. He turns into a phoenix at his will but looks human when he’s not. But Weston’s feathers weren’t seen golden red since the death of his parents. They turned gray, almost coal black, and his eyes are yellow and lively, they’re ice blue and full of hatred.

So it was basically just Jackson, Julie, and Weston in the house we shared. Well, there’s also Cornell, descendant of Laelaps, the dog who always catches his prey. I’m not even sure that counts…


Name: Ash Dawn
Age: forever 21
Descent: Venus/Achelois
Powers: night vision, mind control, atmokinesis, seducement, healing, power mimicry, and holding light in my hands.
Hair: curly and brown and long with golden highlights
Eyes: shocking green
Skin: fair
Height: 5’6

Name: Jackson White
Age: forever 20
Descent: Attis
Powers: shoots fireballs, runs fast, agile, invisibility, and telepathy
Hair: spiky dark brown
Eyes: hazel
Skin: tanned
Height: 5’10

Name: Julie Rose
Age: forever 18
Descent: Mormo
Powers: drinking blood, controlling people against their will, omnilinguilism, and wall crawling.
Hair: blonde and long to the waist
Skin: pale
Height: 5’5

Name: Weston Halo
Age: forever 23
Descent: Phoenix
Powers: flies, time travel, endurance, night vision, and invulnerability
Hair: long and black with bangs covering his eyes
Eyes: gray, but ice blue when he’s a phoenix
Skin: fair
Height: 5’9

I just watched... I'm not really sure WHAT I watched, but I'm inspired and I'm sorry it's cruddy it's still first draft -_-* ik it's horrible don't judge jsut bare with me... btw the girl there (Sasha Pieterse) that's Julie Rose, not Ash Dawn :)

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