Live as if you'll die tomorrow
dream as if you'll live forever
Never regret, forgive and forget
Shoot for the moon, it's now or never.

I decided to make a bucket list.

-Spend a month in a foreign country
-Meet someone who changes your life 
-Change someone else's life
-Eat something crazy
-Build a huge sandcastle
-Stay friends with someone forever
-Take the blame
-Write a book
-Parachute from an airplane
-Apologize for something that happened a long time ago
-Learn how to surf
-Have a food fight
-Learn how to snowboard
-Find true love
-Go on an adventure
-Kiss in the rain
-Do something completely selfless
-Sleep under the stars
-Make peace, not war
-Break a world record
-Find magic
-Expect nothing in return
-Visit the Eiffel Tower at night
-Dance in public
-Do something nice without taking the credit
-Stay up all night
-Watch the sun rise
-Watch the sun set
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