"So do you think you can last a whole weekend with out Will" i rolled my eyes and glared at Noah.
"why are you here?" i asked him annoyed "Angeline invitied me" he said in a matter of fact tone. I raised an eyebrow "how long is she gone to last?" i asked him he just shrugged with a big grin on his face. "Like i was asking a whole weekend without Will i dont think you can do it" he said i just scoffed "shouldnt you be going" i said pushing him away.
Diamond should up dressed from head to toe anyone who didnt know where we were going would think we are travelling to the arctic circle. 
"Hi Diamond" i said waving she just looked down, i guess some one isnt in a good mood.
I was thankfully Ella wasnt on the plane i couldnt take much more of whining about Renee or Samee. 
I started to watch the in flight movie which was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire , it could be worse atleast it has Robert Pattinson.
I looked over at Diamond who had came to sit next to me "There are trying to hard" she looking over at the girls. I smirked i guess Will is rubbing off on me "Seriously Diamond its not cold" i said grabbing her scraf seeing a very bruised neck. "oh/my/god" i said staring she snatched the scarf back "tell me in the hotel" i told her "for now sit back enjoy some magic" i said sarcasticly , i could see Diamonds eyes begin to tear up when the guy from doctor who came on. "Im sorry about Abigail" i said to her "Abigail" she said looking confused "you know Seth liking her" she had a look that clearly said your wronge "he didnt like here" she said turning back to the movie.

The first thing i did when i arrived the hotel was call Will "So hows the opinion poll going?" i asked trying to hold back a smile "Its a 50/50 situation" he said "so you won my mum over" i said "with easy" he replied in a cocky tone i could pratically hear the smirk "good luck with my dad your gonna need it" i said before hanging up.
After i eventually found Diamonds room "what happened" i asked getting straight to the point "well last night after i talked to you and Chase , i went to tell Ryan it wa over and things got a little rough" "a little" i said "okay very rough and he r@ped me" she said looking away from me. "Oh Dia" i said hugging her "so i went home and tryed to get Ryan off me but it just wouldnt work so i did something stupid" she said showing me her wrist which now had to slices down it ."I think James and Ryan were trying to frame samee" she said i was about to say something "i told the police but im not sure the believe me" she said "You did the right thing" .
After alot of convincing i took Diamond shopping as we were about to leave the hotel i accidently bumped into someone "Oh im sorry" i rushed out "hey i know you" said Gabe Saporta , i blushed "i dont think so" i said "sure i do , your the doctors who fixed my legs daughter" i blushed "the girl who squeled when pete came in the room" i was red "you've grown" he said looking me up and down "so there is this party at Angel and Kings tomorrow , do you and your friend wanna come" i looked at Diamond she needed a night out "sure but how do we get in" he smiled brightly "i'll put you own the list" he said winking , so i gave him our names and dragged Diamond away. 
"well it looks like were gonna be partying with scene crowd tomorrow".
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