If I were to join MMN, this would be my character. She would be named Cassandra Grey and she would be adorable. She would be played by Annalynne McCord. Cassie, as she would be fondly referred as, would be an Upper East Sider who worshiped Soho. She would absolutely LIVE for the nouveau hipster-boho life and ADORE the idea of being a starving artist.
Cassie's family life would be pretty complicated though. She would live with her caring, wealthy parents in her huge house full of nice things, BUT she was adopted in her toddler years. So she's constantly haunted by memories of which she does not know whether they are real or fake. Eventually, she would set out on a quest to find her real family. So on and so forth. 

I see the character very well in my mind, but I know full and well I (1) have no time for her (2) am not a good enough writer to join the elite writers of MMN. [Seriously, check out their stuff they're amazing!]

Anyway, I wrote all of that to say this:
Join the MMN audition group: http://www.polyvore.com/mmn_auditions/group.show?id=123752
Check out their old group if you want to see what the rp is all about: http://www.polyvore.com/metropolitan_margarita_nightlife_mmn_high/group.show?id=79004
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