Top set March 29th, yay! Thank you!
Inspired by my favourite city and Karlie Kloss.
I was tagged bby @cigarettes-and-valentines to do these questions :) 

1. Half full or half empty? I don't really understand this but half full I guess
2. Neons or pastels? pastels
3. Meat or seafood? Meat
4. City or country side? Definitely city, I think they're exciting
5. Horror or Comedy? I love both.
6. Forest or sea? Sea
7. Summer or winter? Summer
8. Asian or Mexican food? Asian, I like Chinese food and sushi
9. Jeans or skirt? I like both, probably wear jeans more though
10. Up in the air or down on the ground? Down on the ground
 11. Run or bike? Bike
12. Heels or boots? Boots, I like docs and biker boots, but love heels too
13. Sms or call? Call
14. One best friend or many acquaintances? I don't really know cause you can't have proper conversations with acquaintances, so one best friend
15. Early bird or late bird? Late bird
16. Sunglasses or nerd glasses? Sunglasses, don't like nerd glasses
17. Coffee or tea? Coffee
18. Give or receive? I enjoy both
19. Chocolate or liquorice? Chocolate
20. Wine or beer? Both
21. Less is more or more is more? Definitely, less is more
22. Romantic or realist? Personally I think I'm a realist, but a girl can dream
23. Fame or knowledge? Knowledge, I hate those moron celebrities nowadays
24. Wealthy or happy? In a way I think money can buy happiness, if materialistic things make you happy, which they do me so both would be good
25. Friends or lovers? Friends

I tag: @blue-skies-and-butterflies @diegolohve @ellie366 @andreaarg 
Sorry if you've done this before:)
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