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  • Outdoor Photography Magazine Article On Finding Inspiration
    In 2011, Outdoor Photography Magazine published an article written by Dimitri, on Finding inspiration, in their Holiday & Courses guide book
  • Intern Non Fiction by Dr. X Alan Nourse Medical Med School Expose Office Anonymous Hospital School Literature Library Collectible Rare Book
    Hard sought by collectors, this copy of Intern by Dr X. (Alan Nourse) is in good vintage condition. At the time, this was published by an anonymous Doctor as his tell-all about his first year in a medical hospital as an intern. This book blew the lid off certain issues the interns were dealing with, such as: long stretches of consecutive shifts, long shifts without breaks for sleep, and a multitude of other disclosures, never before so vividly exposed. Although initially published anonymously, the author was later identified as Alan E. Nourse, who went on to have a prolific writing career, penning more than 30 books about medicine, astronomy, science fiction, and health science. This book is in good vintage condition, with a few wear related issues. The jacket has a two tears at the top of the bind, one runs down about four inches, and the other about two inches. There is an X on the back written with permanent marker. It is about 2" x 2" in diameter. There is surface wear and creasing. The actual book pages are in great shape. The bind is holding all of the pages in place as if it was brand new. Corners of pages are sharp, no bending or creasing. Publisher: Harpercollins. 404 pages. Jessica
  • E. Lawrence Haute Couture I Hand-Bound Decorative Books
    Indulge in your love of global style and haute couture with this chic set of decorative, parchment-bound books from E. Lawrence. Its artistic fusion of delicate runway sketches, vivid pops of color, and old-fashioned typography makes it an iconic accent that you'll display for years. This is the first of two sets of books in the Haute Couture collection; each set features different colors and patterns. In every collection, the books have been carefully deconstructed and lovingly reassembled by hand with only the finest materials; this is timeless art that will last. Collection includes 6 books. Parchment / hard-bound books. These are not blank-page diaries. Features real books that have been re-bound, not simple dust jacket covers. Handmade in the USA.
  • ph. Mario Testino with Lana Del Rey for Vogue UK
    Magazine: Vogue UK, March 2012 Model: Lana Del Rey Photography: Mario Testino...
  • Hayden Williams Fashion Illustrations
    British Fashion Illustrator & Designer. Conquering the world one fashion sketch at a time... H.W
  • Assouline The Impossible Collection of Fashion by Valerie Steele hardcover book
    Written by Valerie Steele, director and chief curator of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, 'The Impossible Collection of Fashion' is an authoritative examination of the 100 most iconic dresses of the 20th Century. From futuristic creations by André Courrèges to Christian Dior's New Look and Hussein Chalayan's infamous table skirt, every style has been selected because it inspired a new direction in design. Beautifully packaged in a linen-bound case, it is the ultimate compendium for followers of fashion history.
  • Phaidon The Fashion Book Expanded Edition
    Hirshleifers catering to NY's fashion crowd for over 100 years. Access our savvy stylists picks & Shop now for Chanel, Tom Ford, Cucinelli, Lanvin, & more.
  • Crate & Barrel "Vintage Wedding Style"
    From flea market chic to Great Gatsby grandeur, each chapter from wedding stylist Elizabeth Demos features photographs from real weddings and easy-to-follow instructions for achieving the look. Simple DIY projects make it easy for brides to add their own personal stamp. With 200 photographs, 12 inspiring mood boards, creative styling ideas, and guidance on sourcing accents and materials, this gorgeous book bursts with brilliant ways to create an unforgettable wedding with a hint of vintage charm.
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    • 'Nails, Nails, Nails!' Book
    • The Book of Palms by Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius
    • Tank Books Franz Kafka
    • Tank Books Ernest Hemingway
  • Set of three Chanel by Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni, Vincent Meylan and Martine Marcowith hardcover books
    Assouline Set of three Chanel by Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni, Vincent Meylan and Martine Marcowith hardcover books
  • Design Aficionado Coffee Table Books - Set of 8- Traditional
    Collecting the perfect series of coffee table books can be a never-ending venture, so anyone with an appreciation for design with appreciate this set of Design Aficionado books. Specifically chosen for neutral colors ideal for coffee table use, this set of eight books can be used anywhere in your home and will surely expose to something new in the vast world of design. 9-13 inches high x 9-12 inches wide x 1-2 inches deep. Each book has a neutral color intended for coffee table use. Suitable for any interior display. Includes eight books.
    • Colourblock memo block
    • Industrial Arrow Light Vintage Sign
    • TOPSHOP Happy Jackson My Life Jotter
    • Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer
  • love quotes kiss writing books poetry Reading novel spilled ink diction poems
    love quotes kiss writing books poetry Reading novel spilled ink diction poems
  • Parchment Books Pieces
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  • Turning Pages
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    The media industry is in upheaval. New magazines, daily newspapers, and books are being developed, classics are being redesigned, and the interplay between the printed and digital realms is being tested. Against this background, Turning Pages is a perceptive survey of the state-of-the-art magazines, books, and newspapers that are redefining print media today as well as an inspirational forecast of future developments. The book introduces relevant solutions for a print landscape that has been and continues to be changed indelibly by economic challenges and our shifting media preferences. It examines the creative approaches and working methods of designers who are at the forefront of evolving print media in our digital age. Renowned editorial designers not only present their magazine, book, and newspaper projects in striking images, but also comment on the stages of their publication's conceptualization, design, and production. Thus, the book gives readers a step-by-step overview of the editorial process as well as valuable perspectives on how different designers are meeting the challenges of creating outstanding print products for today and the years to come. Turning Pages begins with an introduction by respected magazine expert Andrew Losowsky, who has also contributed texts that explore the essentials of the editorial process. It features interviews and statements from leading and upcoming editorial design talent including Carine Collin, Francesco Franchi, Javier Errea, Kircherburkhardt, Ludovic Balland, Mike Meiré and Omar Sosa. The book examines how magazines such as Apartamento , Domus , Graphic , IL , Monocle and Volt are pushing the envelope of what is state-of-the-art in today's print products; how books have become the hotbed for new editorial concepts and design; and how the New York Times , Piepaper , Stuttgarter Zeitung , The Incidental and others are reinventing news on paper for our digital age. Its unique mix of visual examples, insightful descriptions, and reports based on personal experiences make Turning Pages a compelling reference for anyone currently working as a designer or in the media industry. Related Videos. Francesco Franchi: On Visual Storytelling and New Languages in Journalism. The New York Times. Project Projects: Collective Individuality. Andrew Losowksy: Ready to Print.
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  • In a Man's World
    Styling idea
  • JC Lemon Photography in New York City
    Today I’m thrilled to introduce one of APW’s brand new sponsors. (You guys, we’re getting such great new talented people, it’s so exciting.) JC Lemon Photography is located in New York City, and you guys know how excited I get about talented and affordable New York City wedding photographers. So I’m thrilled to introduce Jonathan to you all today. When he emailed me, he told me he was just starting to build his business. So I was shocked to navigate my way over to his portfolio and find that it was jaw-dropingly good. (Seriously, do yourself a favor and go look now because his work is even stronger than this selection can to convey.) Turns out, he second shot for our own Katie Jane Photography all last year, and she says this, “I love the way he sees the world—it’s totally different from the way I see the world. I’m really pleased to see him growing his business this year—I think he’s going to go on to do big things. Plus, he’s funny, laid-back, and just the type of guy you’d want to hang out with on your wedding day. It’s super important to actually like your photographer, as a person, and I think APWers will definitely like Jon. Also—dude is an off camera lighting genius. Seriously.” The thing is, when we were searching for wedding photographers, I kept saying that I wanted something that was actually simple: I just wanted someone who could capture us, being ourselves, in a no-nonsense and direct kind of way. And I can tell you… that’s actually the hardest thing to do. Capturing life as it is, in a pure way, is profoundly difficult. And yet, somehow, that’s exactly what Jonathan of JC Lemon Photography does (and so beautifully, too). He captures the moments, the grins, the jokes, and the pretty stuff too. And best? He does all of it with no ridiculous filters or trendy tricks. This is simple, true, ageless photography that is going to stick with you forever. And, beyond that, his pricing is totally no bullsh*t as well. You go with the simple package? It’s $2,300 (insanely cheap in New York City, you’d be crazy not to snap this up now), and you get 6 hours of coverage, and all your images. Or you would, except Jonathan is offering a deal for APWers, so it’s better than that. JC Lemon Photography is offering you free package upgrades across the board! (For weddings, this means a free engagement session or a free photo booth, plus extra hours of coverage and a print credit bump. For elopements, this means an extra free hour of coverage.) BAM. Done. Jonathan may just be building his business, but he’s been working with APW couples for a while as a second shooter for one of our own. He’s already on the team. And what he says about you guys puts something into words that I hadn’t quite figured out. He said, “Weddings tend to bring out the person residing at the center of your body, whatever’s left after stripping away all the outer layers. Do you actually let things roll off your shoulders or do you have to keep reminding yourself that you’re an easy-going person? You will find out quicker than minute ramen who you really are after dealing with some of the stresses that a wedding can bring. APW couples always end up having a kind, smart, and practical person at their core. They might get stressed like everyone else getting married, but at the end of the day, they always know that the wedding is the celebration to start the beginning of their new lives; not a day to lose their sanity over.” I asked Jonathan about his artistic philosophy, and I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of an artistic philosophy that fit so closely with an artist’s portfolio. (Did I mention you need to go look? Go look.) He said, “I like clean images; I go for relaxed but strong portraits. I love the look of off-camera lighting so I use that a lot through my work. I also try out at least one crazy idea every session, just to see if it works; if so, cool; if not, things to think about for next time.” And you’ll see all of that and more on his blog. And finally, just because I like to talk about awesome creative projects that people are working on, let’s talk a
  • Outdoor Photography Magazine Article On Minimalism
    Outdoor Photography Magazine published one more article written by Dimitri. The article was about minimalism in landscape photography.
  • Lori Goldstein
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    Lori Goldstein: Style Is Instinct [Lori Goldstein] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A stunning anthology of the work of visionary stylist Lori Goldstein, whose interpretations of fashion and beauty have produced some of the most groundbreaking and iconic images in fashion and popular culture. Lori Goldstein: Style Is Instinct publishes for the first time in book form the work of one of the world's most highly regarded stylists. With a foreword by Steven Meisel
  • Atria Books The Book of Burger
    The Queen of Burgers has drawn together her tastiest recipes for the ultimate between-the-buns experience. Whether you're cooking for one or for one hundred in your own backyard burger bash,The Book of Burger has you covered for bringing family and friends together for the love of burgers! Please 'em all—big and small—with everything from burgers to sandwiches, hot dogs, fries, sliders, and sloppies, and so much more. Start with Rach's "Big Spicy Mac," tempting you from the cover, or go with the heavenly French Onion Burgers. And if beef isn't your thing, there are plenty of chicken, pork, salmon, veggie, and lamb patties. Want a mind-blowing sandwich? Whip up the BEST one Rachael has ever made: the 7-Hour Smoked Brisket Sandwich with Smoky BBQ Sauce. Rachael even shares her legendary pickle recipe and her own homemade burger blend. Want a fun, cute, tasty bite-size treat to pass around? Rachael is slider obsessed and you will be, too: try the Mexican Pulled Pork Sliders. Rachael's friends from the New York and South Beach Wine & Food Festivals' Burger Bashes also contribute their award-winning recipes, including Bobby Flay's Louisiana Burger and Masaharu Morimoto's Kakuni Burger. Format: Paperback. Pages: 336.
  • To the Lighthouse
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    Available in: NOOK Book (eBook), Paperback, Hardcover, Audiobook, Other Format. “Radiant as [To the Lighthouse] is in its beauty, there could never be a mistake about it: here is a novel to the last degree severe and uncompromising. I think that beyond being about the v
  • +rosebud no.5
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    With the rallying cry �we need new mysteries,� +rosebud appealed to over 200 international artists, designers, scientists and authors to investigate the remaining enigmas in our world. The resulting fifth issue of the design magazine reveals secrets still hidden within our seemingly demystified and predictable everyday lives.MYSTERY presents the experiments of the participating artists on 473 impressive pages. Varying widely in from and content, all contributions examine the unexplained and paradoxical through subjects ranging from quantum physics and parapsychology to jackalopes.Like its award-winning predecessors, +rosebud no.5 goes beyond the conventions of ordinary design magazines with unusual features including a luxurious, gold-embossed cover and an included treasure map.
  • Jayson Home Design Sponge
    Design*Sponge at Home is the ultimate décor bible from the world's most beloved design blogger. The book includes home tours from artists and designers, clever DIY projects to help personalized your space, step-by-step tutorials on everything from hanging wallpaper to doing your own upholstery, a flower workshop with bouquets for every budget, and amazing before-and-after transformations. With hundreds of inspiring tips and photos, this is the only design book you'll ever need. 8.25"W x 1.25"D x 10.25"H. By Grace Bonney. Various photographers. Hardcover. 390 Pages.
  • Fashion
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    Watch runway shows from the hottest fashion designers, scope the best dressed celebrities on the red carpet street style, discover the latest and greatest beauty products to maintain a healthy glow, and get a sneak peek at our celebrity cover shoots before they hit newsstands. ELLE magazine is your insider guide to fashion's most fabulous.
  • The Fashion Book: Richard Martin, Alice Mackrell, Melanie Rickey, Angela Buttolph, Suzy Menkes: Books
    The Fashion Book: Richard Martin, Alice Mackrell, Melanie Rickey, Angela Buttolph, Suzy Menkes: Books