Newburyport Yellow Cottage Birdhouse
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  • Stoneware Chickadee Feeder
    Perfect for chickadees and all small songbirds that are heckled by larger birds! The seed is protected within a 1.25" opening, keeping large birds (and squirrels) from feeding, while attracting the small birds. Individually hand thrown on the potter's wheel in the mountains of North Carolina, this stoneware feeder is available in royal blue and butternut colors. Features a drainage hole, wooden perch and nylon cord hanger. The high-fired pottery process prevents the feeder from fading and is unaffected by harsh weather elements (including ice).
  • Thos. Baker Hanging Bird House
    The base of all of our bird houses and feeders are made of a solid cellular vinyl, a wood alternative that gives you the look and feel of wood, with little maintenance. The end result is an architecturally pleasing house that looks like wood, but lasts like vinyl. The redwood roofs are made to endure the elements year after year. The shingles will weather to a silvery gray. Our copper tops age over time to a natural patina or you may choose a verde roof that will give you the patina look right out of the box!
  • Chestnut Fence Rail Birdhouse
    Prior to the 20th century, the American Chestnut tree populated nearly a quarter of some eastern forests, particularly in the Appalachians. With large diameters and a straight growth habit, the largely branch-free trunks made strong, rot-resistant lumber. The iconic split rail fences were traditionally made of the Chestnut lumber. Around 1900, chestnut blight was accidentally introduced to the US through imported Asian wood and wiped out over 99% of the American Chestnut population by 1950. Today, as old split rail fences are abandoned or removed, much of the wood is reclaimed for modern uses. This birdhouse is crafted from triangular segments of antique chestnut railing, hollowed out and provided with a 1.25" opening. Each has three screws in the face, allowing it to be removed for easy cleaning after birds leave the habitat. Includes a twig perch and 6" chain for hanging. Handcrafted in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina.
  • Blue Bottle + Copper Hummingbird Feeder
    The Story Behind the Blue Bottle Hummingbird Feeder. A hummingbird feeder that brings the energy and vigor of little hummers to your garden while warding off evil spirits??? That's right! Folks in the Southern United States have long used blue bottles placed in trees to ward off evil spirits, a tradition brought to the early colonies by native Africans (similar to glass witch balls, popular throughout the US and Europe in the 18th century). It is believed the spirits are dazzled by the color of the glass in the sun and once they enter the bottle, they can't find their way out unless the bottle breaks. Our hummingbird feeder builds upon this popular folk legend and adds the modern ability to attract joyful hummingbirds - the perfect combination for the garden! An inverted cobalt blue glass bottle is bound by a flattering solid copper hanger that spirals about the glass, decorated with brass leaves and spirals. Below the bottle, 2 hummingbird feeding ports sprout up, created with copper tubing. Each feeding station features a fired red copper flower, plastic bee guard and brass perch, forming the perfect attraction for hummingbirds. The feeding ports work as a single unit, held in place by a single removable rubber grommet for easy refills. Colored copper flowers are fired with translucent finishes for long lasting durability. Holds 13 oz. of liquid. All metal portions are designed and created by hand in Tennessee.
  • Mission Birdhouse
    Artist Stephen Fabrico constructs the dignified Mission Birdhouse in porcelain clay with a wonderful combination of nature-inspired glaze colors of brown, gold, blue and teal. With a 1.1" opening, twig perch, large protective overhangs, drainage holes, a removable cork (for easy annual cleanings), and a reinforced steel cable hanger, the birdhouse is as functional as it is beautiful. In addition, each side of the birdhouse showcases a wonderful etched leaf design. Individually handcrafted in New York and signed by the artist. The pottery birdhouse is safe for year-round use in temperate climates, but should come inside during winter months in areas that experience low freezing temperatures.
  • Front porch
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  • Acorn Birdhouse
    From little acorns mighty oaks do grow... and with large acorns, lovely songbirds do show! Handcrafted in North Carolina, this sturdy acorn birdhouse provides a sturdy habitat the birds will go nuts for! Each birdhouse is made with durable 1-inch-thick natural poplar wood with stained top and semi-gloss finish. Does not open, but is easily cleaned annually by removing nesting contents with a wire or similar. Includes 1-3/8" opening, a drainage hole, and 6" metal chain hanger.
  • Happy Jackson Hello You Lovely People Door Mat
    Welcome guests in style with this door mat from Happy Jackson. With its tough bristles and ‘Hello You Lovely People’ slogan on the front it will be a practical, yet fun addition to any home. This door mat can be used both inside and outside & is a fabulous gift idea as a new home present, or as a unique wedding gift.Key features: * Dimensions: H44xW75xD3cm / H17.5xW29.5xD1” * ‘Hello You Lovely People’ slogan in black * Hard-wearing, tough bristles * Suitable for indoor & outdoor use * More accessories available from Happy Jackson
  • Beehive Seed Feeder
    Individually hand thrown on the potter's wheel in the mountains of North Carolina, the durable 'Beehive' Stoneware Bird Feeder is an ideal mix of form and function. Seed is dispensed on opposite sides of the beehive-shaped reservoir onto a broad feeding tray ample for small and medium songbirds. Includes drainage holes to allow seed to stay fresh and dry, a cork stopper for easy refills, and a nylon-coated stainless steel wire for effortless hanging anywhere in your garden. Because stoneware pottery is unaffected by water and ice, it can remain in your garden year-round for birds to enjoy while providing winter color. Available in royal blue, butternut, or teal colors, this high-fired pottery feeder will become a lasting heirloom.
  • Frederik Roijé - Dish of Desire Feeding Station
    „When Summer ends and Winter comes, don’t forget the birds!“ Following that motto, the Netherlands designer Frederik Roijé designed a bird-feeder series with Dish of Desire. The series doesn’t only convince with its appearance, but also offers the highest possible comfort to birds. Also birds need a balanced diet. However, it is especially difficult for our feathered friends to find enough nutrition in winter. That is the reason why Frederik Roijé designed his Dish of Desire feeding station so that different food can be offered on different floors. Dish of Desire is available in four different sizes. Two of the models are protected by a copula from rain, snow and sun; the other editions don’t possess a copula, but have more levels for distinguished food. Frederik Roijé used cedar wood, porcelain and aluminium as material for his feeding stations. All materials possess high weather resistance. The dark cedar wood furthermore ensures a pleasant apparent contrast, without acting obtrusive. Dish of Desire can be fixed at a tree, on the balcony or the terrace without any problems.
    • Tangerine Cottage Birdhouse
    • Polyvore Clipper
    • Sea Cliff Yellow Cottage Birdhouse
    • French Country Garden Cottage Birdhouse
  • Thos. Baker Shingled Bird House
    The base of all of our bird houses and feeders are made of a solid cellular vinyl, a wood alternative that gives you the look and feel of wood, with little maintenance. The end result is an architecturally pleasing house that looks like wood, but lasts like vinyl. The redwood roofs are made to endure the elements year after year. The shingles will weather to a silvery gray. Our copper tops age over time to a natural patina or you may choose a verde roof that will give you the patina look right out of the box!
  • Fall Nature
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  • Eva Solo - Bird Feeder
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    The bird feeding house by Eva Solo is a modern edition of the classic bird house Whether as edition to suspend or to mount standing on the floor, on the balcony of the garden – the bird’s house by Eva Solo advanced fast to become a desired feeding place for birds. Moreover it also offers something for the eye without our feathered friends: Its sculptural design reminds of a sphere that floats in the room, while the half-spheres make up the table as well as the ceiling of the whole construction. The standing edition of the stainless steel bird house is delivered including a steel tube so as to position the bird house in the garden. The suspended edition is delivered including suspension material (rubber ball and rubber coated cable), so as to hang the bird’s house e. G. At trees, balustrades or balconies. The bird feeder should be cleaned by hand.
    • Polyvore Clipper
    • Polyvore Clipper
    • Polyvore Clipper
    • Polyvore Clipper
  • Curvada Planter - Lacquered By Vondom
    VONDOM offers a new sensory experience, where colors, shapes and textures play an important role to create a comfortable and harmonic environment. The new flower-pot collection VONDOM will arouse all your senses by offering you a new ambient in decoration. VONDOM is one of the most complete flowerpot range on the World manufactured by rotational molding. This manufacturing technique allows us to create high quality products in a wide range of shapes and colors, making them unique. Our collection conveys... life, beauty, strength and warmth... these being distinctive characteristics that make them special and unique. We hope you enjoy them! *Lacquered version has a glossy finish. Features: Perfectly suited for coastal living furniture. Studio Planters collection. Designed by Studio Vondom. Made in Spain. 100% Recyclable. Item suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Available with different finishes and sizes. Please note, any made-to-order Vondom products are non-returnable and cannot be cancelled after 48 hours.
  • Koziol - [pi:p] Bird Feeder
    With [pi:p] birds can enter the future! [pi:p] is the new generation of bird feeding houses. With its futuristic design this bird feeder reminds of a spaceship, more than one of the small classic wooden boxes for grains. The [pi:p] collection house from Koziol is a modern flying object at whose development an ornithological correct feeding was important. With the food-silo in its core, the spaceship avoids that the passengers jump on their meal contaminating it. The bird feeding house is filled and it gives food free when needed. The birds can sit on the border comfortably without jumping in their own food. We wish a great flight! The [pi:p] bird feeding house is also available in raspberry/violet and mustard/olive-yellow colours.
  • Thos. Baker Flat Bird House
    The base of all of our bird houses and feeders are made of a solid cellular vinyl, a wood alternative that gives you the look and feel of wood, with little maintenance. The end result is an architecturally pleasing house that looks like wood, but lasts like vinyl. The redwood roofs are made to endure the elements year after year. The shingles will weather to a silvery gray. Our copper tops age over time to a natural patina or you may choose a verde roof that will give you the patina look right out of the box!
  • Birdscapes Mountain Chapel Feeder - 3.6 lbs
    Birdscapes 50172 Mountain Chapel Feeder, 3.6 LB The Birdscapes Mountain Chapel Wild Bird Feeder holds up to 3.6 lbs. of seed and has a natural design with leaf print windows. This item is one of six Birdscapes feeders in the Betsy Fields Collection. Fields is a recognized leader in innovative product design. The transparent poly-stained glass seed compartment windows make it easy to monitor seed levels and keep your feeder clean! Remember to clean your feeder once every two weeks with mild soap and water solution. The feeder can be hung or pole mounted. Birdscapes is the leading supplier of Wild Bird Feeders and Accessories. Birdscapes Wild Bird Feeder models lure the bird in pursuit of seed providing you with hours of joy as random wild birds flock to feed in your yard. Dimensions: 11.05″ x 13.23″ x 20.77″.
  • Stoneware Nesting Jar Birdhouse
    Individually hand thrown on the potter's wheel in the mountains of North Carolina, the stoneware nesting jar birdhouse is excellent for small nesting songbirds. The 1.25" opening is ideal for any chickadee, nuthatch, wren, warbler, or tufted titmouse. A drainage hole keeps the inside dry and ventilated. Perfect for all climates, this high-fired pottery birdhouse will not fade and is unaffected by harsh weather elements (including ice). Choose from royal blue or butternut colors.
  • Droog Design - Birdhouse
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    A five-star-restaurant for our feathered friends: Birds feel comfortable in the Birdhouse by Droog Design. Thereby they will even eat from a plate and have a roof to protect them. The designs by Marcel Wanders are often inspired by nature. The birdhouse, which has been designed by him for Droog Design was built with human characteristics for nature: Hungry birds are lucky to have a roof to protect them from stormy weather as well as to have a plate which presents seeds and grains. The birdhouse by Droog Design is made out of porcelain and polypropylene. The conception and size of the feeder offer a bird-adapted surrounding for an undisturbed pick-party.
  • Grado Celcius Garden Thermometer With Stake By Blomus
    Blomus makes your daily glance at the thermometer a double pleasure. The new thermometers for walls and windows combines design and function in a perfect way. The temperature display of this elegant device guarantees an easy read. This garden thermometer is indispensible for amateur gardeners. Growing your own plants requires an accurate knowledge of temperatures, particularly in unpredictable seasons. The Blomus thermometer features a functional stick that can be adjusted in height, also allowing for use in a flower box.
  • eva solo Hanging Bird Feeder
    This round glass bird feeder is easy-to-use and adds a modern accent to your garden. Simply fill the hand-blown glass with the bird seed of your choice and watch the birds flock to your feeder. The bird feeder comes with a rubber and stainless steel cord to easily hang it from a branch or under the eaves. We recommend washing your bird feeder out about once a month with a diluted bleach and water solution. Eva Solo has been a household name in Denmark for over half a century, making well-designed products for the home. Measures: 8" diameter. 4.75" Deep. 33" Hanging cord.
  • Loll Designs Loll Pitch Birdhouse
    All Loll Design products are made from 100% recycled high density polyethylene (plastic milk jugs). Since 2005, Loll Designs has kept over 18 million milk jugs out of landfills. Just like their furniture, the Loll birdhouse will last a long time. A clean and modern approach to what should be simple avian living; the Loll birdhouse was designed by humans with the birds in mind. No assembly required with easy mounting and easy access for cleaning out the old nest. Available in 100% recycled high density polyethylene (#2 Plastic Bottles) in Black, White, Red, Chocolate Brown, Sand, Leaf Green, Blue and Gray. Height: 7" | Width: 7.75" Notes on Colors: We have tried our very best to accurately represent product colors on this website. However, due to the nature of the recycled plastic we use and electronic media, color of actual products may differ slightly from how they appear on this website on your particular computer. Click here to request color samples.
  • Skagerak - Bird Feeder
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    Skagerak is a guarantee for stylish design as specialist for outdoor products. Thereby, feathered friends profit of the experience of the Danish manufacturer: Natural tropics form influenced the design of the Bird Feeder, and the simple cut ensured a classic and timeless appearance. The Bird Feeder can easily be placed in any part of the garden, where it invites smaller birds to an elegantly served meal. The food is easy to reach by the birds sitting at the border of the bowl. Moreover, the ground provides small holes so that water might drain more easily. Thanks to the manufacturing of ASA synthetics, the Bird Feeder is weather-proof and can be used during the whole year.
  • Victorian Lovelies Planter - Mornin' Gloria
    Victorian Lovelies are indoor planters meticulously hand-sculpted with a charismatic presence! The functional planter consists of two pieces - the head acts as a holder for soil (with a drainage hole inside) while a coordinating dish catches excess water below, perfectly integrated as a part of the overall appearance. Given the name 'Mornin' Gloria', the planter features a lovely polka-dot ruffle collar, perfectly sculpted in clay. Her inviting smile, blush cheeks, and, of course, morning glory flowers, complete the look. The finish is completely fired and water safe. The planting cavity is approximately 5" wide x 3" deep, perfect for small indoor plants. Artisan-crafted one-at-a-time in California and signed by the artist.
  • side by side - Bird Roof " just for birds"
    The roofed fat ball is not only an attraction for birds, it also delights every bird lover. The fat ball should be attached under the roof made of oiled larch wood. Just hang the bird roof in a tree or in a bush, with the aid of a steel cable, equip it with a customary fat ball and observe how the birds flock to your garden! The bird roof “just for birds” was created by the industrial designer and project director of side by side, Sabine Meyer. The Wendelstein Werkstätten Rosenheim/Raubling are responsible for the production. For more than 25 years, the Wendelstein Werkstätten offers workplaces for disabled people in Rosenheim and Raubling. The bird roof “just for birds” was awarded the Design Plus Award.
  • Loll Designs Loll Arbor Birdhouse
    Yeah, this is one pretty sweet birdhous! The birds and you alike will appreciate a clean and modern approach to simple avian living. No assembly required with easy mounting with access for cleaning out the old nest. Choose your color: top available in all colors /house available in charcoal grey or cloud white with thermally modified timber front (100% suitable for outdoor use).

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