Heyy guiss. I have the flu and it sucks. I finished 
watching every episode of New Who and I've sold my 
soul to Supernatural. I'm only on episode six, but I 
really like it! Considering it took me a year to finish 
watching Doctor Who, Lord knows how long it will 
take for me to finish watching Supernatural. The 
premiere of my school's production of "Guys and 
Dolls" is next week and I'll- hopefully- be playing 
bass clarinet in the pit if I'm well enough. On an 
unrelated note, I'm watching Victorious for no 
reason and the character Cat reminds me of this 
girl I refer to as Chihuahua Girl in my English class; 
she's, like, five feet tall, on the soccer team, looks 
like a stereotypical Italian, whines all the time, asks 
a million questions my teacher already answered, 
and has probably the most annoying voice I have 
ever heard. I sat behind her last quarter and I 
wanted to shove pencils in my ears every time she 
spoke. She sits on the other side of the room now, 
thank Jesus.

I dyed my hair yesterday so now I'm ginger and 
look like a Weasely! I absolutely love it! I posted a 
picture awhile ago saying how I thought I looked 
related to Billie Piper and my aunt agreed with me! 
Then I posted the picture of me with my ginger hair 
and she actually found a picture of Billie with short 
ginger her then said I look like I could be Billie's 
twin! I love my aunt so much. I was fangirling over 
the picture. *Sigh* So besides being sick, life is 
going fairly well! Hope all you munchkins are doing 
well! Stay beautiful!
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