So since that girl has now deleted all of your comments telling her she should credit me and she probably blocked you girls too, I wrote to Polyvore with that statement:

Well she hasn't exactly copied my set, but there is only one picture in the set which is made by me. I edited it and wrote "Miley Icon by FloJu - use but credit". So today I saw that she hadn’t credited me. This wouldn’t have been so bad because it can happen. But then I went to her set and made a comment. It said:
“Please credit me for the picture, thanks ♥”
Some hours later she wrote back:
Umm, Thanks For the Offer, but i Have Better Things To Do Then Deal With People Like You.
I wanted to write her whether she could change the picture if she didn’t want to credit me, because there are enough other Miley pictures out there… But I found out she deleted my comment and blocked me. I asked some friends of mine what I should do and they also went to her and asked her, whether she could credit me. They were like: “please credit FloJu it isn’t that hard to do that. It only taked four seconds and she has been working really hard for editing all her pictures…” She deleted the comments and also blocked all of them.
I just think this is really rude and I want her set with my item out of here…
Thanks for reading this ♥

Please do something like that too if she has deleted your comments and blocked you... Would be really nice... I just don't want her to do this to other people, cause it's really NOT nice -.-

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