Harry Potter Next Generation

Harry Potter new generation of wizards and witches
  • James Sirius Potter
    "House: Gryffindor
    Personality: It is just like his grandfather and father, always in trouble. It is also smart and brave. Is the captain of the Quidditch team, and is in love with Alexandra Evans." — @alasombradelossauces
  • Albus Severus Potter
    "House: Slytherin
    Personality: It's a little shy boy and very protective of his little sister Lily. His best friends are Scorpius and Jamie. He is secretly in love with Jane, and she with him." — @alasombradelossauces
  • Lily Luna Potter
    "House: Gryffindor
    Personality: She is the youngest of the family, so they treated she like a baby. It's quite a heartbreaker like his mother, and is in love with his neighbor and classmate William Dornan." — @alasombradelossauces
  • Rose Weasley
    "House: Gryffindor
    Personality: Hes inherited his mother's intelligence and talent of his father for Quidditch. She didnt like at all the jokes, but loves to spend hours talking to his cousin Louis and her friend Alexandra. She´vs in love with Scorpious." — @alasombradelossauces
  • Hugo Weasley
    "House: Gryffindor
    Personality: Although it is very naughty, is the darling of his mother. This is a guy who spends his life surrounded by women, including his cousins ​​Lucy and Molly with which he takes fantastically." — @alasombradelossauces
  • Roxanne Weasley
    "House: Gryffindor
    Personality: She loves fashion and make up. It's a girl who likes to have party at night with her ​​cousin Victoire and David. If she needs help with something she can always count with his brother Fred." — @alasombradelossauces
  • Fred II Weasley
    "House: Gryffindor
    Personality: To be the father that he has, he is a very serious and responsible guy, always willing to help his sister Roxanne. He is in love with Emma Lawrence, his partner in potions." — @alasombradelossauces
  • Lucy Weasley
    "House: Slytherin
    Personality: She's the rebel of the family, this is because his father´s very bossy and she is tired of heeding it. Is the captain of the Quidditch team. She goes out with Jamie Smith. He hung out with his sister Molly and Hugo" — @alasombradelossauces
  • Molly II Weasley
    "House: Ravenclaw
    Personality: It's the opposite of her sister, she is a very shy girl and has trouble making friends. Not very good at potions classes, so Ethan aid in that class. She likes Ethan. He hung out with his sister Lucy and Hugo." — @alasombradelossauces
  • Victoire Weasley
    "House: Ravenclaw
    Personality: She is very beautiful and intelligent, likes to go always in fashion. She spends her weekends shopping in London with Roxanne and David. She likes Teddy Lupin who shares his fondness for duels." — @alasombradelossauces
  • Louis Weasley
    Personality: He´s romantic and intelligent guy, but sometimes can be a little rough. He´s the most popular kid in his house, and playing as a seeker in Quidditch. He comes out with Juliet White and her best friends are Rose and Alexandra" — @alasombradelossauces
  • Dominique Weasley
    Personality: The youngest of the family, is sweet and affectionate. Unlike her family she doesnt like Quidditch, she prefers swimming, so she created a swim team where she met her friends Violette and Spencer and the boy she likes, David" — @alasombradelossauces
  • Scorpius Malfoy
    Personality: Everyone thinks hes like his father, but it's actually a nice guy, but that doesnt mean he has fights with James Potter. Hes good in defense against the dark arts. His friends are Albus and Jamie. Is in love with Rose" — @alasombradelossauces
  • Violette Malfoy
    Personality: She is the popular girl in her home, is cold and distant to those who do not know. She is the seeker on the Quidditch team, but still have time for her friends Dominique and Spencer. She goes with Marc Swift." — @alasombradelossauces
  • Teddy Lupin
    Personality: He's a sincere guy, friendly and loyal. As James is always in trouble. IHe is the best in duels and is falling for Victoria. His best friends are Alexandra and James." — @alasombradelossauces
  • Alexandra Evans
    Personality: She is very sweet and smiling. She's always taking out of problems James and Teddy. She has a spectacular voice. Shes is a close friend of Rose and Louis. She is in love with James Potter." — @alasombradelossauces
  • William Dornan
    Personality: He is the eldest son of the Dornan family. Is a professional Quidditch player. Intelligent, funny and handsome, hr goes out with her neighbor Lily. His bosom friends are Graham Goodwin and Ryan Reed." — @alasombradelossauces
  • Jamie Smith
    Personality: He is another of the rebels of the house, but to the amazement of many he is a genius in herbology. He is in the group of friends of James and Scorpius. He goes out with Lucy Weasley." — @alasombradelossauces
  • Juliet White
    "House: Hufflepuff
    Personality: She is a bit clueless and clumsy. She did not like Quidditch, but sees by her boyfriend and his brother Louis. Gets along very well with the Goodwin family, Elizabeth is her best friend." — @alasombradelossauces
  • Matt White
    "House: Hufflepuff
    Personality: Stubborn and impatient, he is the kicker on the Quidditch team. He has a talent for magical creatures. He hates Rachel, but as time passes he falls for her. His best friends are Marc Smith and Ethan Livingstone." — @alasombradelossauces
  • Jane Longbottom
    "House: Hufflepuff
    Personality: She is shy and curious.She has a fascination for the Muggle world and she would like to be a teacher.She goes with Albus Potter.
    She pass the day with Emma Lawrence and Garrett Stewart." — @alasombradelossauces
  • Taylor Longbottom
    "House: Ravenclaw
    Personality: She is one of the prettiest girls in his house. She loves herbology, what she does not like is that the class imparts his father. She is in love with Spencer Turner." — @alasombradelossauces
  • Amy Longbottom
    "House: Ravenclaw
    Personality: She is the best of its kind in defense. She likes hot chocolate in the company of Holly, Tod and Danna. Her platonic love its Graham, Holly's brother." — @alasombradelossauces
  • Marc Swift
    "House: Hufflepuff
    Personality: : At age 8 he and his sister became orphans, and since then they live with her cousins ​​and aunt in London. Like his girlfriend Violette, he is also searching. He is a close friend of Matt and Ethan." — @alasombradelossauces
  • Emma Lawrence
    "House: Gryffindor
    Personality: She's a girl who is always willing to help those who need it. She enjoy spending time with Garret Stewart and Jane Longbottom. Is in love with Fred II Weasley." — @alasombradelossauces
  • Spencer Turner
    "House: Ravenclaw
    Personality: Son of muggles, he is one of the best in Potions class. He is one of the luckiest guys, because apart from hanging out with Taylor, her best friends are Violette and Dominique." — @alasombradelossauces
  • David Parker
    "House: Hufflepuff
    Personality: Oddly enough, he loves the subject of ancient runes. The weekend is going to London with her ​​friends Roxanne and Victoire. He goes out with Dominique, Victoire's sister." — @alasombradelossauces
  • Graham Goodwin
    "House: Slytherin
    Personality: The older brother, he comes from a wealthy family. He goes from cocky, but he does to hide his tender side. He knows that Amy is in love with him, but shes only her little sister´s friend. Best friends are William and Ryan." — @alasombradelossauces
  • Elizabeth Goodwin
    "House: Slytherin
    Personality: She is passionate about astronomy. She is loving and sweet. She loves fashion and Juliet drags shopping. She´s In love with her ​​brother's friend." — @alasombradelossauces
  • Holly Goodwin
    "House: Slytherin
    Personality: At first she looks like a prissy girl, but when you know she's very sweet. Her favorite drink is chocolate, which takes with Amy, Tod and Danna. Gets along very well with his brother Graham." — @alasombradelossauces
  • Ethan Livingstone
    "House: Ravenclaw
    Personality:He would like to be a professor of potions. Sympathetic and loving. He likes Molly Weasley and his friends Matt White and Marc Smith always tell he to ask Molly to have a date with him." — @alasombradelossauces
  • Garret Stewart
    "House: Hufflepuff
    Personality: He is an excellent Quidditch player. Smart and headstrong. He loves Alyson Watson. His best friends are Emma Jane Lawrence and Longbottom." — @alasombradelossauces
  • Alyson Watson
    "House: Hufflepuff
    Personality: Is a good girl, but sometimes she gets jealous because Garret spends more time with her ​​friends than with her. She enjoys reading and photography. Share her hobbies with Nick Owen and Cody Gray" — @alasombradelossauces
  • Jasper Seymour
    "House: Slytherin
    Personality: He is the enemy of Albus Potter, because Albus goes out with Jane Longbottom. He always try to pass Scorpius to the dark side." — @alasombradelossauces
  • Cody Gray
    "House: Ravenclaw
    Personality: He is always taking photos to everything like his friend Alyson. Curious and faithful, is a close friend of Alyson Watson and Nick Owen and he comes out with Nadine Collins." — @alasombradelossauces
  • Nadine Collins
    "House: Ravenclaw
    Personality: Like her sister, she would like to work in the Ministry of Magic. One of his passions is dance. She goes out with Cody Gray and her best friend is Rachel Porter." — @alasombradelossauces
  • Nick Owen
    "House: Hufflepuff
    Personality: Is very good at guessing. Her favorite season is winter and he is very romantic. He loves Danna Bannes and his friends are Alyson Watson and Cody Gray." — @alasombradelossauces
  • Rachel Porter
    "House: Hufflepuff
    Personality: A big fan of Quidditch. Stubborn and irresponsible. She hates Matt White, but later she fallsin love with him. Her best friend is Nadine Collins." — @alasombradelossauces
  • Ryan Reed
    "House: Ravenclaw
    Personality: He's the only guy in the family, the rest are girls. He's all a heartbreaker because he understand women, but he is in love with Elizabeth Goodwin. His best friends are Graham Goodwin and William Dornan." — @alasombradelossauces
  • Danna Bannes
    "House: Hufflepuff
    Personality: She's sweet and romantic. She loves hot chocolate while she´s reading. In love with Nick Owen and her best friends are Amy Longbottom, Tod and Holly Walter Goodwin." — @alasombradelossauces

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