Welcome to Allgood Springs, where the sun is always shining, the people are always friendly, and that sound that leaves you paralyzed in the dead of night isn’t what you think it is.
The Allgood Springs Department of Tourism is still looking for a few intrepid and citizens to join our little town, especially those with blood types B Rh Negative and AB Rh Negative. 


In Allgood Springs one can experience witches, ghosts (both benevolent and malevolent), radiation mutants, zombies, strange tremors, dopplegangers, unidentified air crafts, abductions, and a mild but constant sense of dread, all while enjoying the benefits of small-town living, such as a cozy diner, helpful law enforcement, great schools, local produce, and the priceless comfort of knowing your neighbors by name (and fingerprint.)

Welcome to Allgood Springs, where the only risk is never wanting to leave!
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