nhar zlatana,nhar sheitana

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Wrote two years ago

Wrote two years ago
@w-o-r-l-d-s-f-i-n-e-s-t :* i looove u!!
@amandine-saterm la folle
@arielmonea ;)
@solene-clerici ;)
@selma1921 wsh reuss repond mwa
@mrs-minaj ;)

Wrote two years ago
[Verse 1Annotate ]
You come out of the HEBS , you find your team
My p-ss her in the crate , your eyes escapes from the glass
You're dizzy, you find that the poto speeding
F-cking Mégane Sport, smoky good sh-t
Khey this is the little -eng , khey Hous ' that pe -ra
Reintegration l-nch his mother khey later we will
You think your girl , she says she is no longer
You c-ckold sense, she was seen in a box, you've slapped her parlu
You did your nurse from her , his whole neighborhood has been known
Are not cops who qu'les perquisent , not mixing the -ss and the street
You had given her your gold coins , she has shared her reum
She paid your drooling and new wardrobe
You're torn between wanting to kill her and f-ck her one last time
I admit she is very good , good, good, nhar sheïtana
Tan, Punta cana. Puta thee quarne -a
It makes you deploy your wings pigeon nhar zlatana !
Nhar sheitana , nhar Zlatana !
Nhar sheitana , nhar Zlatana !
Nhar sheitana , nhar Zlatana !
It makes you deploy your wings pigeon nhar zla -ta- na!
[Verse 2]
You met in a chicha , she typed you in the eye
But what you did not know is that it tapped the nails of your coffin
His ex has been smoking, we all believed in mourning
Dipstick view box to the table of the killer, I hit a deer
Khey as in " Prophet " no time for collecting
She works in a bar hostess, j'parle no hostess
It makes you part of its attachment to religion
She told you about hlel , cash you have cooed like a pigeon
You feel flattered when she sneers , your humor with 2 balls
You learn it you got a woman, she sees no evil
You play the shielded stalls you your talents illegal
It sends SMS, big team anticipates
Here you are in a safe, assume your role as wholesaler
They made ​​you spit the piece every orifice
You're unrecognizable to the office , she receives a benefit
Nhar sheitana a.k.a charm spell
[Verse 3]
It made ​​you believe she was ge lever hmmm ... my eye
H & M , Zara, LV , UV, Monoi
Rhinestones, sequins , football, Paris , the love s'monnaie
It is not declared as Zahia but in fact ... same!
Venue of corn , she threw her hijeb
She made fart brushing , capped by a schbeb
In shopping, cavalier fashion a little old
She follows you in Deauville , Cannes, St- Trop ' , where you want
You lose less in gaming circles in the vicious circle
she s-cks as a person, it t'fait out of your eyes white
You're in its grip , she became your boss
And you his business, its turnover cartonne
Disobey him , she t'menace phone
Emotional blackmail for Western Union
Wedding procession of Princess , the most expensive of the year
To her friends she has Téj you , to divorce papers , you're doomed
Fiat 500 new, empty apartment
It t'ramène the cops , dark - dice to the shoul , you're ruined
Tan, Punta Cana. Puta thee quarne -a
It makes you deploy your wings pigeon nhar zlatana !


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