[ please note: I used this for windsor, so exchange winter for nia ect. ]
personality; winter has had lots of boyfriends in the past. currently, she has two, except the two boyfriends think they're the only one dating the beautiful winter. and yes, she is a s|ut. winter can be very sassy and b|tchy at times. she consideres herself as a 'don't touch me or you`ll pay' girl. around adults and her boyfriends she is a sweet as pie, but as cunning as a fox. she is sly, and secretive. she selects her friends accordingly to how much money they own, or the buisnesses they have. often, winter gets into fights. not verbally, but physically. don't mess with her, or she'll turn your face into a salad. she'll not only mess you up, but her words will be lingering in your mind for years.
She actually turns out to be quite nice when you get to know her properly. But...she's got some secrets.

{{ ● ● ● ● ● ● }}

♦ likes / hobbies ;; [likes] having more than one boyfriend. singing. music. partying. creating rucus. drinks. [dislikes] having no boyfriends. emos. crappy outfits.

Thanks. x

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