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Tonight is the night. I'm going to one of the biggest Halloween parties I've ever been to. I was excited but nervous, I'm not even really sure why. I had my outfit picked out and laid across my bed. I'm going to be one of Gru's minions, and one of the cutest minions you have ever seen at that. I got dressed and grabbed my purse and keys; saying a quick 'goodbye' to my mom before finally closing the door behind me. I was pretty pumped about this party. I've always been really shy, but tonight was going to be different. I made a promise to myself that I was going to be more outgoing, and I was going to have fun. I turned up the music in my car and began to drive to the house the party was being held at. I pulled up to the large house and could hear the music playing from across the street. I started getting butterflies in my stomach for no reason at all. I texted my best friend Niall, asking if he was coming to the party but he replied with a simple 'no'. I sent back a sad face and looked back up at the house I was about to enter. 'Be outgoing, and have fun!' I kept telling myself. I rang the doorbell and was greeted by a girl in a cat costume, with whiskers and a nose painted on her face. "Hello! Come on in!" She greeted me happily. "Thank you." I say shyly smiling at her. This might actually be fun. "The drinks and snacks are over on that table, and the dance floor is anywhere you can find room." She say with a chuckle pointing to where everything was. I thanked her once again and went over to the snack table. I filled my plate and looked around for a seat but gave up seeing that there was no possible way to find an empty spot. I decided to stand in a corner and eat, then I would have some fun. I finished my food and tried to get around and talk with some girls my age, but all of our conversations ended awkwardly and we slowly went our separate ways, probably never to see each other again. I continued to tell myself to be more outgoing and have fun, but quite frankly, this party was super boring. I finally got tired of acting like I was enjoying myself and walked to my car. I didn't have to be home for another two hours, and I was going to enjoy myself at least a little tonight. I headed to the closest clothing store I could find just to try on some things for fun. I didn't really notice until now, that a black, sleek looking car had been following me for a while. They hung back a little so I brushed it off not thinking anymore about it. When I got of the exit I looked back seeing that they got off as well. Again, I forgot about it and soon enough, I was at the store. I got out of my car, quickly locking it and walking in. I hadn't seen the car pull into the parking lot, so I relaxed a little and grabbed a bunch of clothes off the rack. I got done shopping and walked around for a few more minutes seeing that I only had to be home in an hour. While I was walking, I couldn't help but feel like I was being followed and it is creeping me out a little. I started to walk faster as I realized that I was, indeed, being followed. All of the sudden a guy came out of nowhere as well as his gang surrounding me. He had on a mask but soon took it off revealing his identity. "I just wanted you to know, that you are the prettiest girl on this earth, and one of the cutest minions I have ever seen." He said getting down on one knee. "Will you, Haylee, do me the honor of becoming my girlfriend?" He asked holding up a ring pop. "You are a weird lad, Niall!" I say letting out a chuckle as well as a deep breath that I had been holding. " that a yes?" He asks awkwardly. "I guess so." I say nonchalantly. "She said yes!" He yelled standing up; making every one around us stop and stare. "So, are you gonna put it on or..." I ask trailing off. "Oh! Yes, sorry!" He apologizes before sliding the ring on my finger. "Oh, Niall!" I say holding my hand back and staring at the ring in awe. "It's wonderful! Watermelon, strawberry. My favorite!" I gushed. All of his friends, along with random bystanders began to clap making me blush uncontrollably. We both let out a laugh still standing in the isle awkwardly. "Well, I don't know about you, but I'm ready to party!" I say grabbing Niall's hand a running towards the front of the store. He threw his head back laughing following closely behind as we jumped in my car heading back to the party. "You're the best girlfriend ever!" He says lacing our fingers together. "And you're the best boyfriend ever! I say giving him a quick peck on the lips. 


It's not very mysterious, but I hope you like it!! Tell me what you think!!:)

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