This is for @justallyourlittlethings This is my first one on this account! I hope it's okay :)

'Hey Abbs. Can't wait for our date tonight. Make sure to bring something you don't mind to get dirty. Love you! Ni,' the text read. I smiled, and threw on a white t-shirt and shorts. I waited for an hour, playing on my phone and listening to music. I checked the clock. Finally! Time to go! I grabbed my car keys, and put my flip-flops on. I ran out to the car, and drove to go meet Niall.

"You're gonna get it Horan!" I yelled, running behind a tree. "Sure I will!" He said sarcastically. I laughed, and ducked behind the other tree, shooting my gun and hitting his chest. "Okay, okay! It's getting late... How about the next person who gets hits loses?" he called out. "Deal!" I shouted, taking my gun and aiming at him. I shot it. Ha! He didn't even have a chance! It hit him on the arm, and he pouted while I did a funny little dance. He ran over to me and caught me in his arms. "Fine, you win," he said, placing a kiss on my lips. He pulled away. "Hey, um, one more thing," he said as he got down on one knee. I gasped. "Will you marry me?" he asked, showing a beautiful silver and green ring. I started to cry. "Of course!" I giggled, in the midst of my tears. He smiled, and picked me up, placing another beautiful kiss on my lips.
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