This imagine is for Emma ♥

You happily jumped down the stairs as you heard the front door close with a click. 'Baby?' You called sliding with your
fluffy slippers over the parquet in the hallway. You stopped at the entrance furrowing your eyebrows.
His guitar was leaning against the wall, his shoes and jacket scattered around the floor. 
Well he would pick them up later, you said to yourself and turned around to the living room door. You hummed a tune 
dancing through the doorway inside. His feet were dangling down the back of your white couch. 'Hey baby! You need to
help me pick out a dress for tonight!' You exclaimed jumping around the side of the couch. He had his arms crossed over his 
eyes covering the most parts of his face. A muffled groan came through the material of his sweater. 'You alright?'
You asked stopping your little dance to look at him properly. 'Do i look like im okay?' He grumbled not moving. 
'Um i dont know...not really.. but you need to! Since were going to my parents tonight!' You won your smile back letting
yourself to the ground net to the couch, though you couldnt really hold in your excitement and swung from one side to 
another. 'Im definitely not going.' Niall mumbled turning away from you and burying his face into the leather of the couch.
'Excuse me?' You asked unbelievingly , your mouth hanging open. How could he cancel the dinner tonight again? You were so 
excited, the four two weeks since you havent seen your parents. He promised last time he would make it since he couldnt the
last time, so how could he turn it down now? 'You heard me.' He replied shortly, pulling the comforter which laid on the
back of the sofa over his long body. 'Niall, are you serious?' You snapped at him standing up and pulling the blanket out
of his hands. Niall growled angrily and turned to you. His face was pale but his cheeks were flushed red from anger. 
'Dont be a bug and leave me alone, would you?' He warned shooting you a glare. You put your hands on your hips looking
at him unbelievingly. 'Are you fu*cking serious Niall? So you blow off the dinner ive been waiting for, for like the last
month and tell me to dont f*cking bug you?' You yelled angrily. Niall let out a noise, something between groan and sigh and
pushed himself up on the couch. 'Emma listen, I really dont-' You cut him off throwing the blanket in front of his feet on 
the ground. 'No, YOU listen! I was so damn happy to finally meet my parents again and now you blow it off?' Anger colored
your whole face red, your hands tightly fisted. Nialls expression softened but you could tell he was still angry. 
'Im really not i the mood right now, why cant you understand that?' He cried out running his hands through his hair.
'No Niall I dont understand that! I havent seen my parents for so long and you know that! Why did i even 
agree to move in with you so far away? You dont care, do you? Its always like that Niall, i dont know what to...' You cut
yourself off and turned to the side tears stinging in your eyes. Why was he so carelessly towards you? All you wanted was
to see your parents once in a while, but even that was to much called for probably. 'Emma dont...Its really hard for me
right now..' Niall pleaded now standing up. 'And you think not seeing my family is easier? Its not Niall, it really isnt
that easy! You can see your parents whenever you want because they live next town, but what if they lived as far as mine do?'
Niall looked at you silently fiddling with the hem of his shirt. 'Im...' He started but didnt finish his sentence. Tears
threatened to spill from your eyes and you decided it was enough for tonight. Your parents would understand if you called 
off the dinner when told them you had some housework to do. 'Babe please...Im sorry. Its really hard at work right now.'
He pleaded again stepping towards you. You shook your head, a small tear falling from your eye. Before Niall could come
any closer, you turned around and crossed the living room and hallway running up the stairs. Niall called after you but it
didnt stop you from slamming the bedroom door shut and crawling under the fluffy cover on your bed. You pulled the sheets
over your head and crawled into a ball. Small tears escaped from your eyes but you wiped them away feeling as if you acted
to dramatic. Well if you thought about it, you didnt. Everyone wanted to see their family once in a while right? So why
would he just blow off things like that, that were so important to you? That only showed that he didnt really care what you
felt. A soft knock on the door was heard. 'Dont dare enter this room.' You warned sniffling a bit. 'Emma i sorry please,
just listen!' Niall spoke from the other side of the door. 'Could you just go away? Im sick of all the explaining, just 
leave me alone!' You yelled back. A faint click was heard and you quickly tucked yourself deep into the sheets. 
'I told you to leave me alone! Get out!' You grumbled as you felt the mattress sink to the side. 'Em babe i really didnt mean
to blow the dinner off. Work today was horrible...there's this new vocal coach girl, she was like messing with me all the
time. Im sorry, i was so mad before, i didnt mean to make you sad.' He explained. 'And i promise, like really, really
promise, We'll go to dinner to them tomorrow okay?' You felt the cover being pulled down from your head and opened your
eyes. Niall sat crossed legs, on the bed beside you, looking as sad as you were feeling right now. Your eyes got watery 
instantly as you saw your boyfriend almost crying too. You sat up and wiped your eyes. 'Niall im...I didnt know that...'
You stammered but Niall shook his head at you. 'Doesnt matter. Im sorry that i snapped at you, you're right, you havent seen
your parents for so long. Tomorrow we're going to dinner, i promise.' You crawled closer to him and her laid you down on 
the bed. 'Lets sleep babe.' He whispered kissing your forehead. You sighed and closed your ^from the crying burning eyes.
Niall stood up, took off his jeans and shirt and crawled under the covers beside you. 'And babe, tell the goose from
work to leave you alone alright?' You said with a little smile. Niall chuckled and pulled you into his bare chest. 
'Will do.' He whispered back and kissed your temple before you two fell asleep.

Sorry this took me so long love but i hope you like it anyways (: Its a bit...weird tho. well i like the slippers (: Im sure they're incredibly fluffy awww i want'em! :( Would someone buy me them? please? :> Luff you heaps tho, thank you for all the likes ♥ (: -Anna xx

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