Niall Imagine For @maurasloan 

"Maura? Babe? You ready?" Niall called through our shared flat, just as I finished my hair.
"Yeah, I'm coming right about now." I said, adjusting the diamond engagement ring Niall had given me just months earlier on my finger. We were heading out to see Niall's new nephew, Theo Horan, who had recently been born to his brother, Greg and partner, Denise. 
"Is my outfit acceptable?" I asked as Niall looked me up and down, eyebrows raised. 
"You look hot, as always." He smirked and I play hit him on the shoulder. Then, I exited our bedroom and made my way to the kitchen where I grabbed a bottle of water and my black purse. 
"Niall, were going to be late!" I yelled and he came running out of the bedroom and down the grand stairwell. I was then grabbed by the waist and hauled out the door, my purse barely in my grasp. 
"Good lord, Niall." I grumbled, smoothing out my long, straight hair and fixing my shirt and jewelry. 
"Sorry. Do you want some coffee?" He said, starting he car and pulling out of the driveway of our home. 
"Yeah sure, stop at Starbucks." I said, and so he did. 

We arrived at the hospital where Denise had given birth to her and Greg's son and we stepped out of the car, me still clutching my warm beverage. Niall took my empty hand and laced his fingers through mine, sending that warm tingly feeling I always got when we touched down my arm.
"Denise Horan." Niall said as we reached the front desk, and she raised her eyebrows. 
"Who are you to the Horan's?" She asked. 
"I'm Greg's brother and this is my fiancé." He said, and she nodded. 
"Room 368." She said, and Niall nodded as well. I followed Niall down the hall to an elevator, first giving the lady at the desk a polite thank you, and stepped into the machine with my fiancé. We rode upwards in a comfortable silence, standing just close enough to each other for me to feel his body heat radiating to me. Why did it seem that persons of the male gender always seemed so warm? Anyway, the lift doors opened and we stepped out, heading down the long hallway to the room where Greg and Denise would be with their infant son. When we arrived at the sixty-eighth door on the floor, Niall knocked lightly. Seconds passed before the door opened, revealing Niall's father. 
"Maura, Niall. Hello! Come in." We stepped past Mr. Horan and our eyes landed on Denise, cradling the baby in her arms. 
"Hi Niall, Hi Maura." She smiled. "Do you want to hold him?" I nodded, carefully taking the warm little bundle out of her arms and rocking him gently and cooing soothingly. After a while, to my disappointment, Niall took Theo out of my arms and held him instead. 
"Pictures?" Denise asked, and Niall nodded. I stepped back and Denise snapped a pictures. 
"Maura?" Niall asked, and I looked up from the checkered floor. He stood with his eyebrows raised, and I got the message. Crossing the room, I stepped up next to Niall and pulled a smile for Denise to take the picture. 
"Niall! Maura!" Greg walked in, coming up and taking Theo out of Niall's arms. I smiled at Greg, making polite small talk for a minute before sitting down in one of the mustard colored chairs and crossing my legs while more pictures were taken. Eventually, Niall got his nephew into his arms and sat down next to me. 
"He's adorable. Has you and Greg's eyes." I said, and he smiled, a tear slipping down his face. 
"I want to have kids, so badly." He said, his gaze not leaving Theo's small face. 
"Me too." I said softly into his ear, leaning on his shoulder. 
"Okay." He breathed. He's going to be a great daddy some day. 


By: Katie
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Wrote three years ago
Yes... Now don't hate on my name!

Wrote three years ago
Isn't Maura the name of Niall's mum?

Wrote three years ago
LOL my baby cousins name is Theo!!

Wrote three years ago
GAH! I just died! The feels <3 I love it! Thank you so much!


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