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I stared at the precious baby in my arms, her small chest rising and falling with every breath she took. 

Lucy. The name was perfect. Small and sweet just like her. 

"Ready?" Niall asked, appearing behind me and placing a hand on my hip. 

"I think so," I nervously mumbled, placing Lucy in the pram and heading out the door. We loaded into the elevator and took the 10 story ride to the bottom. 

"So you got the nursery absolute ready?" I asked, not looking Niall in the eye and instead fussing over Lucy. 

"Yeah, please just don't worry," he smiled, wrapping his arms around my waist, turning me and turning my attention from Lucy. 

"Niall," I grumbled, letting a giggle bubble away at the end.

"What?" He asked teasingly, placing a kiss on my lips. The lift let off a shrill ding, and Niall and I unloading the lift and checking out. 

We loaded the car and I sat in the back, fussing over Lucy the whole drive. 

We pulled in home and Niall took the carrier out and I followed behind. He opened the door and I took the carrier from him, walking inside. I stared around at my large house, just as I had left it. 

"Take her up," Niall smiled, placing a kiss on my forehead and leading me up the stairs.

I walked down the hall and stopped at the nursery. The room was quaint and pink, a crib at one end and changing table at the other. 

“Ready?” Niall asked me, holding the door open and helping me inside.

“Here it is baby,” I smiled, pulling her out of the carrier and cradling her in my arms. “Do you think she’ll like it Niall?” I asked.

“She’ll love it,” he smiled, scooping her out of my arms and handing me the phone. “Can you take a picture of me and my precious girl?”

“Of course,” I smiled. I snapped some photos and cooed over my precious baby as she fell asleep still comfortable in Niall’s arms. 

“You go get rest, I’ll put her down,” he smiled, shooing me away. 

“Thanks Ni,” I smiled and headed down the hall not before stopping at the door and overhearing what Niall was saying. 

“Good girl, yeah in the crib we go,” he sing songed, “you be a good girl and remember that Daddy loves you alright.” I heard footsteps coming so I scurried away but being clumsy, fell over my feet in a huff. 

“Kylie?” Niall asked, peering around the nursery door.


“Were you eves dropping?” He asked, walking over and helping me up. 

“Maybe,” I replied, sheepishly biting my lip.

“Well I might just have to punish you then,” he smirked, pinning me against the wall. 

“Maybe you might,” I replied, flirtatiously before he pressed his lips to my own. 

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