This is for Alexandra :> 

You were tired as hell, the only thing you wanted to do right now was going home and laying down. Work was horrible today.
One of these perverted pricks in your section repeatedly slaped your ass casually while walking past you. I mean, how
could he? Well as if that wasnt enough, your boss went insane and gave you a stack of documents giving you the order
to write them on the computer! It wasnt even your job to do that, you were on a completely different section but what
could you do? Anyway, you were more than glad to be back home at the flat you shared with your boyfriend Niall.
You just moved in together, though you were a couple since almost two years. Well you knew each other since you were little 
toddlers but you realized only later that your perfect boyfriend was right under your nose. And he seemed to be waiting long
enough for you to see. You loved him with all your heart, he was just like you always wanted your boyfriend to be. 
Sweet and caring. And he showed that today again. You stumbled to the entrance, tripping over your own feet. You got out
keys and unlocked the door. You pulled on your key, maybe a little bit to strong, to get it out of the hole but it just 
wouldnt come out. 'Fucking key, get out!' you cussed pulling on the key. Suddenly you fell back and landed on your bum.
The key broken of in your hand... 'UGHH!' you shouted and kicked the door closed ignoring the other half of the key in
the door. Niall would take care of it later. You kicked your pumps off your feet and threw off your blazer throwing it on 
the floor net to your pumps. Normally you were the one gettig annoyed by Niall leaving all his stuff on the floor but now
you couldnt even be bothered to lift it up again. So you just stomped trough the hall to the living room from where you heard
the tv running. You looked over to the couch where Niall was asleep with his hands folded behind his head. Aww, you though.
You immediately calmed down and quietly walked over to him kneeling on the floor beside him. You stayed like that a bit 
watching his large chest rise and fall. He looked so peaceful, his eyebrows which used to furrow when he tried to 
concentrate on a song he was writing, smooth and flawless. He looked like he was smiling in his sleep but you were 
probably just tired imagining things... You lifted your hand to Nialls face. The tip of your index finger gently wiped a
strand of hair from Nialls forehead. He was just so beautiful, you couldnt believe he was here with you. He was, right?
You scooted a little closer to the sofa bringing your face right in front of Nialls. You felt his hot breath on your
lips as you watched his golden lashes flicker lightly. He wasnt awake, he was probably dreaming something...
Your finger tips caressed his soft cheek and you closed your eyes pressing a light kiss to the corner of his mouth. 
Another kiss was placed a little higher on his cheek right under his eye. He sighed, taking one hand from under his head
and stretching it into the air. You smiled and kissed the corner of his mouth again, making his eyes flutter open. 
He blinked a few times but then smiled when he realized it was you. 'Princess..' He mumbled sleepily and put his arm around
your shoulder pulling you next to him on the sofa. 'Hey babe...' You whispered and laid down next to him. He pulled you
into his chest and wrapped one arm around you the other wiping a strand of hair away from your eyes. 'How was your day?'
He asked and pressed his lips on your forehead placing sweet kisses. 'To be honest...horrible. But im alright now.' 
You sighed drawing pattern on his chest through his light tee. 'what happened?' He asked giving every kiss its own 
place on your face. 'oh you know the old boss, my colleagues...' you said avoiding the story of the prick of boy
who slapped your bum. Niall would rip his limbs off if he'd find out... 'But its alright Nialler now that im here with you.'
you whispered putting your hands on his cheeks and gently pulling his head down to yours. His nose touched yours and he 
smiled looking from your eyes to your lips and back. He licked his lips and bit his lip pulling you closer into his chest.
'you are amazing you know that?' he asked caressing your cheek. 'Not even. You are. More than that.' you replied coming closer
to his lips. You werent kissing yet but you could feel his sweet breath on your lips. 'I love you Alex.' He said his hand on
the small of your back holding you tight. 'Love you too Niall.' You smiled and immediately felt him pressing his warm
lips on yours. you felt a warmth fill your whole body from your lips downwards. How could you be so lucky? Having 
someone like Niall as a boyfriend was all you needed. You never had a kiss as beautiful as this one with Niall and you 
didnt believe it could be one better than the first kiss you shared. But that changed right now when his plump lips 
pressed onto yours perfectly. It was such a sweet and caring kiss. You two may be tired and sleepy but that was probably
too, one of the reasons this kiss was so beautiful. You two broke away and he pulled you into his chest taking the blanket 
wich was laying on the sofa backrest. He unfolded it and layed it on top of you two. 'Lets sleep here, im too tired to
stand up..' Niall mumbled and shifted to be more comfortable. He layed on his back and put you on top of him wrapping his
strong arms around you. You two were still full clothed but that didnt matter. You took the remote from its place net to Niall
and pressed the red button turning it off. You placed it back on the coffee table and laid your head on Nialls chest
breathing in his scent. 'Goodnight princess' Niall said and kissed the top of your head. 'Goodnight Niall, i love you.'
You answered and kissed his chest in response.

LOLL sorry idk what happened haha i uploaded nothiiiiing haha weeeell i hope you enjoyed it luvs idk how it is so yeah Aaaanyway i luv y'all babes going to sleep now, NIGHT NIGHT LUUUUV YOU XX

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two comments

Wrote 4 years ago
you're welcome hun <3 love u xx

Wrote 4 years ago
Omg I loved it thank you so much babe :))))))) Ally xx



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