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Top set for Mar 14th, 2013

@airplane hey sweetie! I answered your questions! :*
- questions:
1. Your favourite model? It was Liu Wen, but now is slowly becoming to be Nastya Kusakina. She is still young but so gorgeous and amazing and I think she will became a fashion icon soon (;
2. What makes you happy? Music, always! But, of corse my friends as well.
3. Is there something you miss right now? Yes, I miss my dad and being in a village, nature.
4. What would you like to change in your life? I wish I could apologize to some boys that I hurted in my past ):
5. How would you spend $5000? I think that I actually wouldn't. I would just put it in a bank and save it for normal stuff like paying rent and bills. xD
6. What's your favourite word? It's leash!! I love how sweet it sounds lol.
7. Do you watch Disney films? Nope, they don't interest me.
8. Where would you like to go on holiday? In Germany!! I love everything about that country. I feel very at home there too.
9. What are your favourite bands/ singers? I'm more into punk rock. My favourite band is a day to remember.
10. What's on your mind right now? I'm thinking how hard my life will be this year because I have to study difficult subjects at collage.
11. What's your favourite parfum? I don't use them (:
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