Ay’ yo Sean, You Mr. Kingston
You say You have it, Louie it, and then some
Look how yuh gwan inna yuh ice
You pretty and you nice
Yuh done know seh Nicki a yuh wife
But tru seh I be up where you stay
I aint like them other bitches that be actin’ loosely
Know you gettin’ hype, I know u wanna get up in it
But I just want to think about it for another minute
I think I like your style ya’ll
Why ya’ll
Why don’t we let go
Ay yo and I aint gotta tell ‘em
And I aint gotta sell ‘em
It’s YSL daddy
I aint gotta spell it
And yes, I killa kill ‘em
I guess I am the villain
I park on the curb, I’m the owner of the building
(the building) Ya deaf?
Boy me soon lef (‘t)
Come get this playboy bunny like hugh heph-neeeer
siiiia Rastafari
Dutty dutty d-d-d-dutty

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