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Athena Calvalcanti, 19
Hometown: Lisbon, Portugal
Previous jobs: Model for small Portuguese designers.
Bio: Athena may not be a household name in the fashion industry, but she's about to be. After being discovered when she was only seventeen, Athena's only done very small jobs. No major runways, but many magazines that she's graced the covers of. But although she may not be a top model in today's industry, she may just be one soon. She's a Portuguese beauty with full lips and lush black hair. After doing a lot of swim wear shoots, and being extremely curious about Victoria's Secret, she's finally going to be able to do it. She's driven and determined, and young. She's also a party girl. Athena is the girl that will never turn down a few shots or at least one good party. And that's what sets her off from the rest. And just that may be the thing to bring her down. 
Model: Sara Sampaio
Collection: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=2031288
I know I said no more role-plays but the holidays are coming up soon and I'm going to be off school so I'm going to have some time. I also just couldn't resist the idea. Story will be up soon! 
Also, I think Sara Sampaio counts since she's done PINK and does Designer Collection. I'm super pissed that she didn't get in though. She went to the casting and they still managed to cast Maud freaking Welzen who looked pretty out of place… Sara would've been awesome in the show… just saying.
Tossing my head back, I opened my eyes staring at the white speckled ceiling, my long arms flung upwards, f*ngering my headboard and trailing down to my soft pillow and finally my black tousled waves which were fanned out from underneath me. I had work today. My head was pounding. My whole body seemed to ache actually. After a night of dancing and drinking, along with my tongue being thrust down a few stranger's throats, I was in no condition to be going to a casting.
But I was still going to the casting. Why? Because this job is the only thing I have. I need more money, I need to make it… and this job seemed to be my golden ticket. 
I had an opportunity at arm's reach and I would be a fool to let it go to waste.

Swinging my legs over the bed I check the time- 7:00 A.M. Right on time. Perfect. 
I head for the shower, quickly jumping in and washing up, rinsing the smell of tequila out of my hair with my Paul Mitchell shampoo, and scrubbing the stench of sweat due to excessive dancing off of my body with my LUSH soap. 
After blow-drying my hair and putting on minimal makeup, and throwing on an outfit, I was good to go. It was time to start my day. I had a casting for a campaign Victoria's Secret was going to be having. Along with some test shots. I also had a meeting with my agency for my schedule this week. I doubt there'd be much on it. I wasn't exactly a coveted model in the business… yet anyways. 

I know that if I get this Victoria's Secret gig, then here's a guarantee that there'll be more to come. Getting this one job is like getting a string of them handed to you. And from the string, there's also going to be promotions, more campaigns, appearances, the fashion show, maybe even making it to the way top and becoming an Angel, the best spot you can get, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and all. 
If I can get to that point, then I will be truly happy. 

I head out my small, shoebox apartment and make my way out onto the street, past the bustling men in expensive suits shouting into the cellphones, and away from the many vendors standing on the corners, trying to sell something or anything for that matter. 

The air is cold, as is expected to be in November in Manhattan. We've already gotten snow, but by now it's turned to a milky grey colored mush that you can see on the side of the streets, plowed out of the ways so the bustling city can keep up with it's fast pace and dangerous speeds. 
I hold my Acne jacket closer to my shivering body as I walk to the edge of the sidewalk, holding out my arm and waving furiously, "Taxi, please!" I stop my foot, watching as a few speed by. I roll my eyes. What the f*ck does it take to get a fre*king taxi around here? Should I wear a blinking red sign strapped to my forehead to get noticed? 

One finally pulls to the side and I smile, hopping into the back and telling them the address of Victoria's Secret's offices before kicking back into the uncomfortable and smelly leather, glancing out the window and seeing the usual spur of faces and blur of cars, melting and mixing into the background of shiny, silver buildings risen up and up from the ground. 
It gets kinda tiring living in the city. I've lived in the city my whole life, first living in Lisbon, and now here, in New York City, where I've been of a few months and still can't seem to find my way. 
In Lisbon, it was different. It wasn't as big as here, with the grid-like setup of streets and complicated means of transportation. It was simpler. I could memorize how to get to each place in a clap of hands. I knew how to find my way around. Maybe it was because various parties were held at the most random locations in the city. Because of that, I found my way around easily and could navigate without even looking at a map or texting for directions. 

Although I'd been invited to a lot of parties around here, and although I had enjoyed them a lot, I still just couldn't find my way. I ended up getting lost and having to hail a taxi, then to only find the place I had been looking for was just around the corner, or down the block. It was pathetic, really. 
I'm considering buying a map and looking like the biggest f*cking tourist, walking down the street trying to find my way obnoxiously. It'd be funny, for sure, but I'm pretty sure I'd be wasting more time that anything.

"We're here," The cab driver's scratchy voice says and I nod, looking at the total on the taxi's screen and handing him a few bills, and even a tip, 

"Thanks," I say crawling out and stepping onto the sidewalk. He smiles at me before speeding off, merging with the endless traffic that is Manhattan, swerving and speeding off until he's just a blur in a sea of yellow and rainbow colors of cars.
I walk into the building, my grey high heeled booties clacking merrily on the marbled white floors. I walk over to the receptionist's desk, "Hi, I have a casting with Victoria's Secret?" 

"Name, please?" She asks, looking up at me.

"Athena Calvalcanti," I answer, looking at her with a smile. 

She nods, typing some things onto her Mac desktop before handing over a lanyard with a little visitor's pass attached onto it. I take it, putting it around my neck. "Down the hall are the elevators, in there the button that says VS will take you right up. Enjoy your day!" She smiles. 

I nod, waving, "Thank you!" I trill walking down the hall and stopping at the elevator, hitting the error pointing towards the ceiling and waiting. It comes quickly and I step in, looking for the button and quickly finding it. It says VS, exactly as she had said and I push it, my finger lingering on it for just a few more seconds before the doors close and the elevator buzzes to life. 

It takes me up, up, up. It's a tall building, but I didn't think the offices would be /this/ high up. But I enjoy it nonetheless. I step out of the elevator once the shiny doors open and I look at the long hallway. I stand there, staring at the long hallway before me, lined with doors. 
Someone buzzes past me before slowly backing up, "New here?" 

I nod, "Yes… I have a casting?" I smile. "I'm meeting with Mr. Ed Razek?" I question.

"Ah," She nods, smiling, just down that hall. It says on the door 'Ed Razek', just knock and you'll be good." 

I smile back at her, "Thank you!" 

She nods, and I go on my way, wandering down the hall, quickly finding Ed's office. I knock twice and I can hear a distinct, "Come in!" 

I open the door, looking to see a smile Edward Razek at his desk, hands folded. My agent warned me that with Victoria's Secret castings, they'll ask questions before they get to the test shots and a possible walk. Even though I'm just casting for a campaign, they say they may want to see my walk for future reference, incase they want me in a commercial, or better yet, the show, even though I'd have to go to a separate casting for that. 

"Hello," I smile, staying still. I'm nervous, to say the least, but I do my best not to show it even if I'm shaking on the inside. 

"Hello, Athena!" He smiles, "Sit, please!" 

I nervously take a seat, sitting tall in the plush, leather chair and crossing my long legs. 
"So, why would you want to work with Victoria's Secret?"

It's with that simple question that my mind does a three-sixty and the answer soon pours out. I think about it, and the answer is so simple, the question so simple, yet so complex. And it's then that I realize that this one opportunity is my whole future. It's either a hit or a miss. 
I sure hope it's a hit.
The story is up! :) @haute-hippie @sophiaspastic hope you guys like it! :D
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