OMG i love the result of this one!! I'm always making bookmarks that are either random, a regular picture, or something just normal, but this is so special and cool. :) i think i'm gonna print it! i miss u all so dearly! and elizabeth, if ur reading this ANSWER YOUR LIZARDY SHMIZARDY MESSAGES!! lol well if u wanna use it, feel free just plz credit me! and..ummmmm i hate school so much, you have no idea. for instance, my dear Lizard (if she's in 10th grade) must be taking geometry, while I on the other hand am taking geometry in EIGHTH grade! i was REQUIRED by my school to take latin in sixth grade, and just my school in general is crappy and old with heaters being duct taped to the walls and towels on the window sill and paint peeling off the ceiling and the closets used to be bathrooms for kindergarteners and CRAPPY TEACHERS AND A CRAP LOAD OF HOMEWORK! oh yeah, sure I'm going to be prepared for high school because now i'm going to be taking TRIG later on this year when i get into high school. thank goodness this is my last year! lol anywhooooo, i love you my lovelies! have excellent dreams and wish me luck on my exams for tomorrow and the rest of the next two weeks! haha and please give me CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM! love ya madly! mwah! :P
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