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  • The Hunger Games District 2
    Official Citizen, welcome to District 2, where the bricks, stones, and mortar, that are used in the foundations of Panem are made. Be sure to identify yourself at CAPITOL.PN and check out The Hunger Games when it opens in theaters on 3/23. Share this one proudly. It's from our friends at Lionsgate.
  • Minimalist District Posters Set 1 | The Hunger...
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  • District 12 Seal
    A Little .eps I whipped up in anticipation of the movie. Manually traced from posters and screenshots. The Preview is a High-res JPEG to be used by thos...
  • New Hunger Games PSA Posters Bring the Funny
    Will The Hunger Games (review here) continue its box office winning ways this weekend? It's a good bet, but why not take a moment to have a laugh at the tributes' expense? The fine folks over at College Humor just posted some pretty neat PSA posters. Check them out below.