Name: 'Oogie Boogie.' He goes by Blythe though.
Age: Sixteen.
Movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Bio: Mr. Oogie Boogie isn't quite what people picture him as yet. I mean, he's still making his way through high school. He's got an immense fascination with bugs - in fact, he collects them. Oh, and he's usually got a mask over his head because he doesn't like showing his face. His mother made it for him, of course. I mean, his parents are just about as malicious as he'll turn out to be. His father's almost killed him twice, though his mother is somehow very loving towards him. He's got three baby siblings named Lock, Shock, and Barrel as well.
Other: Currently, Blythe is a shy, introverted boy, unlike how he is portrayed when he is older. Keep in mind, he's just an awkward kid right now. He'll grow into his devilish, bold persona surely enough.
1. He's frightened by even the thought of physical contact. Well, romantic or comforting physical contact, if that makes any sense at all... You know, kisses, hugs, things like that.
2. He's an amazing artist.
Model: Michael Macabre.
Tag: @dannielleisapotterhead @adeon-kun

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Wrote 4 years ago
:) Thanks buddy! But we can still chat for a bit more ^^

Wrote 4 years ago
@maialikesfood It's fine! Hope you have fun!

Wrote 4 years ago
We should! But I'm taking a break from this group for a bit cuz I'm going on a cruise,
I'll re audition soon after though c:
Sorry ;(

Wrote 4 years ago
@maialikesfood WE SHOULD ROLEPLAY. c:


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