“Excuse me,” I called over to the salesgirl pacing around the racks of designer shoes at Barneys.
“Yes dear,” she responded blankly, placing back a Prada wedge back on its stand.
“Do you have these Manolos in a size 6?” I asked, dangling a pair of simple black slingbacks in my hands.
“Let me check in the back, darling” she smiled, racing over to the sliding doors in the corner room. I tapped my heels on the marble floor impatiently, as I waited for the lady to bring back my shoes. I rolled my eyes as I saw a group of gaggling girls whispering and pointing. Even though I wasn’t interested, I couldn’t help lean in closer to hear the conversation. 
“I can’t believe it! People’s exclusive segment states; Elise Colt is bulimic!” one of the girls read aloud from her cell.
“And shopaholic Jane Jacobs is in MAJOR debt!” 
“Omigawd! Can you believe Grace Montana cheating on her beau Oscar Herold?” another one continued. I could believe what I was hearing right now! I was partially relieved that it wasn’t about me, but there was more to come.
“Nicole Jameson has her eye on a guy, and it isn’t her Hollywood boyfriend, it’s actually Tommy Reed, a certain Queen B’s boyfriend” they all gasped at all the posts. 
“Uggh!” I groaned to myself, “I cannot believe this!” This had Valentina Taylor written all over this s.hit. “Excuse me” I mumbled as I made my way through the crowd. Speak of the b.itch; I saw Valentina and Elise looking at Dior dresses. And surprisingly I saw Grace one of Valentina’s greatest enemies standing with them. I stormed over to them, tired of dealing with all this s.hit.
“Un-f.ucking buh-lievable!” I shouted at Valentina, crossing my arms. 
“You saw?” Grace smirked, taking a sip of her Starbucks. 
“Yeah, and the rest of the west coast as well!” I added.
“Um what the h.ell is going on?” Elise shrugged placing back a white chiffon dress. 
“I’ll tell you what’s going on!” Grace yelled.
“Wait, no! It’s not what it looks like!” Valentina yelped, looking scared for the first time. And I actually felt a tad bit sorry for her. Okay she was a b.itch, but she had very few friends and A LOT of enemies and she was about to lose a friend, but what she did was uncalled for, so I didn’t say anything.
“I can’t believe you!” Elise screamed at the sight of Grace’s cell, “How can you do this to me, you...you b.itch!” 
“Elise, I swear!” Valentina pleaded, “It wasn’t –
“Save it!” Elise cried, “I am done with this s.hit, everyone knows you posted this, and it’s something you would do, cause your f.ucking b.itch!” Elise finished off as she stormed out of Barneys. Valentina has p.issed off Elise far many times, but I could tell this was the final straw. There was no going back now.

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