2012/07/03 I Wanna talks/discuss sth today
"Golden Retriever Dog was beat by owner until his death on street in China"

Based on news
"These dogs are very fun to play. It was murder in cold blood because of unlicensed dogs. It was tied to a tree and beat to death on the public in font of so many people watching him beat his dog untill his dog die". [if you want to see pics then google it,so sad]

I'm so happy today untill i've seen news and this so sad to know it.
Don't get me wrong ppl who come from China,I'm not hating on ordinary things well i love China.
only this topic i want to share.

Why so much cruel,Why someone can kill a dog on street without thinking twice? you feed him & you can kills it too?
Is you really love him !!! ?
where is moral? at least i ask for you as human being.
this is not normal that i can accept.
I'm not a dog-lover pretty scared dog specially huge sized.

I know each country has specific laws.
China not allowed to feed dog that hight over 20inch or 50 cm,only 1 for each family with licensed.
and that dog isn't has a license&Big over 20inch.
then was beat till death by the owner and weird happened is ppl just standing to watched it?
I'm speechless.

And seem like some country have culture eat dog,once i was seen on street while i visit XXX ppl enjoy eat the dog,even show their head& ask travellers trying dog meat ,nothing wrong with it,
just food.

However,after i watched this news i can't even eat well. I'm so sad to sth like this,what happening to modern city nowadays?
I'm sure someone will understand my feeling even i can't write it well,it's terrible!!
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