mega old photos :D but I only have them in edits so here´s fashion set xx 
and also I was tagged by my beautiful @stay-up-all-night :) 

1) why'd your parents name you the name you have?
I dont mum had picked one name for girl and one for boy, she liked so she gave me that
2) do you like your handwriting?
Yup :))
3) last thing you ate?
4) are you a hopeless romantic like me :) 
sometimes... ;)
5) if you could have lunch with five people dead or alive, which 5 people would you pick?
Liam Payne, Nina Dobrev, Olivia Chaci Gonzales, Ian Somerhalder, Misha Gabriel 
6) what's one of your biggest regrets?
right now...i dont know 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
full name: Lenka Daniella Klcova
three fears: heights, spiders, death

four turn-ons: eyes, sense of humour, dance skills, curly hair
four turn offs: sweaty, silly talks, dummies, too many tattooes...
best friend: Susan <3
what time were you born?: 3 a.m
favorite color: blue, grey, purple ...
favorite food: pasta =P
favorite quote: "if someone doesn´t appreciate your presence, make them appreciate your absence."
what i am listening to now: Pink & Nate Ruess - Give Me a Reason ♥

eye color: blue :)

hair color: Brown
favorite song: The Lumineers - Hey Hoo
nicknames: Elie, Leni, some in slovak language xx
favorite animal: cats
favorite ice cream: chocolate ♥
describe your first kiss: dont remember it
who did you last say 'i love you' to?: BF
what is your age: 20
ever been depressed: not really..
are you a girl or a boy: girl
relationship status: single
what did you last eat?: potatoes
do you bite your nails?: Nope
do you like someone?: yes
whats your real name: Lenka
if you had a girl/boy, what would you name it?: 
Olivia & Alexander
what's your mood right now: pretty normal
what are your plans for your weekend: go to party in 2 hours
what are your craving right now?: 1D maybe?
have you ever liked someone so much that it hurt?: of coors
have you ever changed your clothes in a vehicle?: in the car, yes
is it easier to forgive or forget?: forgive
is this year the best year of your life?: noo
do you believe that everything happens for a reason?: kinda...
are you listening to music right now?: almost everytime
are you afraid of the dark: no
favorite genre of music: pop, r&b, rock, latino, ... 
favorite band?: :D 1D
ever asked for someone's phone number? ..I´m not sure :D
has a stranger ever called you pretty? yeah :)
do you talk to people who don't live in your town/ don't go to your school?: Yes.
ever been to a concert?: Yes.
ever met your idol?: No.

I tag: @hailey-direction 
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