EDIT: OMGOMGOMGASDHASDGESDFHGHS I GOT TOP SETS, FOR MY LAST SET!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE! WOW! OMG! It's totally not weird that I am currently dancing around my room.

So I decided to do the 30 day challenge. It will probably take me 30 weeks rather than 30 days but hey, I'm officially a rule breaker ;)

Oh and before I proceed (I've been using quite a few fancy words today :D) this set is for:

@tell-me-more and @lenasupernatural - for knowing how to have have a good ol' hearty laugh
@ashley-rebecca - coz well she's ashley-rebecca and she doesn't need a reason :D
@lachompi09 - for starting the mayonnaise revolution when she hates mayonnaise
@emmylou - because her DW love is awesome
@im-not-a-poppy and @ichangemyname - because they are cool people and we are making an even cooler Polyvore Group. You can check it out here: polyvore.com/hunger_games_arena_challenge_thgac/group.show?id=141722 but atm, there's not much to see. I will probably make a proper intro set or something soon
@myduza-and-koteczka - because they are awesome sisters who make awesome sets
@dreamer1983 - if I ever met you in the street, I'd bear hug you. Whether or not I let go is still uncertain
@i-like-clothes121 - because she is awesome and always makes me smile :)

Ok, so onto the 30 day challenge: If any of you want to join in, the details are here: polyvore.com/reckless_my_first_30_day/thing?id=32665157

Ahaha I'm not looking for my heart to be won, but whatever. I shall just fill this with the first things that come to my head. Don't take them seriously :D
1. Be able to cook 1 minute noodles in 58 secinds
2. Own a damn awesome car
3. Be good at pulling pranks
4. Be able to hop up the stairs within 8 seconds
5. Be able to draw comics

LOL my heart will NEVER be won ahaha :D I actually draw comics, I have a huge folder of them but lately I haven't drawn anything. Probably because I am actually required to concentrate in class rather than be able to draw 'THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF HIJABI KEBABI'

OH GUYS... I NEED YOUR HELP!! Basically I need a name for a character. Think Katniss Everdeen and Tally Youngblood but in ALIEN FORM. So yeah I need a name for an awesome girl alien who is like awesome. And yes, I am totally writing a story about an awesome alien girl, coz that's just how I roll.

Lately, I've been like this: http://i.imgur.com/VdW0b.gif
Literally, I've had so much work and I have lots of exams coming up so everything's is all upside down. But basically, that means I've been VERY behind with tags, PM's, contest judging and everything in general. So I'm sorry guys, but... I SHALL CATCH UP!!! *plays dramatic music*

That also means I am behind on watching The Avengers. My life is failing. But this really made me laugh. It's a poster for The Avengers in Pakistan :P http://i.imgur.com/SvdGT.jpg

That's all we've got time for folks! Oh actually no, wait, there's the dog from Where's Wally hiding in here somewhere. Go find him, while I go find some food :D
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