Sup dawgs. That is actually my favourite greeting right now. Also my sister thinks you guys are sick of my blogs. I think I may be too.

Well I wonder who this set is for, LENA THIS SET IS OBVIOUSLY FOR YOU. JUST YEAH. I'M TRYING NOT TO BE SAD RIGHT NOW. Oh maybe I should tag you, that would help. @lenasupernatural

Ok so first off, this set has your beloved Mats Hummels in it. I tried putting in a picture of the German team but it just wasn't working. Mats makes up for it though ;) So I know yesterdays game didn't go quite like we planned and I'm so sad that we lost, yes WE, and I'm tryna make this set to cheer you up and then if you cheer up I will cheer up. This morning my friend was like to me God Maleeha get over it and I just stood there like ugh I want my poly friends right now ahaha.

Secondly there is the awesome Miranda Kerr standing there because I know you love her and all and like you and her mum are Twitter buddies.

Thirdly, I put the someday text under Hummels because someday we will hold the title, preferably in two years time.

Fourthly Hogwarts because does it really need an explanation? Also think about it, Hogswarts, that's disgusting.

Umm fifthly, I have a bunch of funny stuff to show you but I'll do that in a bit. First I need to blog about all the stuff that has been happening between now and whenever was my last set.

Ok so obviously, the game, Germany v Italy. I'm not gonna say much mostly because I'v rewired my brain and blanked it all out of my mind and it's a wee bit too depressing to go back. All ima say is Mario Balotelli, is a maniac and I hate him. Ugh just so much. He is a connerie. Ahaha in my french exam today (MY LAST EXAM OVER WOOHOO :D) I got bored and there was a French dictionary in front of me so I was just flicking through it and saw the word 'connerie' which means 'a bloody stupid thing' so, officially, Mario Balotelli est un connerie.

I was in London the other day feeling hungry so I opened a family pack of cookies and the cookies literally disappeared in 5 minutes. And I just sat there like, hell, what does that cookie company know about my family? Naah man, these cookie companies, they're lying to themselves, those family packs aren't right for my family. So then I had like a brilliant idea: I will set up my own business selling family sized cookie packs for all different types if families. Like a fat family pack with extra biscuits, and then like a model family with minuscule cookies, and a sporty family that have like diet cookies and yeah you get the idea. BUT IT IS AN AWESOME IDEA AMIRITE???!!!! You see this is why I suffer through economics class twice a week, in preparation for my future cookie company. Except... I'm just remembering, the last time I made cookies they all merged together in the oven and I just had this like huge cookie as big as the tray it was in .-.

Oh yeah so I'm still in London and damn London I wanna live here. Like my town is right next to London but I will leave this dump someday. Coz London is just so awesome and it has all these fancy people. Fancy people with nice watches. My watch rome that day as well. The number two inside the watch fell off and now it just sort of rolls around in there. Like now I no longer know if it half 1 or half 2. Oh and then to top it all off, today the batteries on my watch ran out. Like damn. Ima just buy a new watch, it's too much effort going and finding someone to change the battery. I'd like a Hermes watch. But they're too expensive for me. Le sigh. Oh and houses in Kensington which is just the nicest place are like £1 million + so yeah, I'm just gonna get on with this anti movie, produce it, make some money and then disappear off into my fancy house and carry on making sets. Ah the high life :')

And still carrying on with London, I was in Westfield doing some shopping and we were in House of Fraser (@ashley-rebecca when I walked in I thought of you) and it was so cool because there were all these handbags and items and me and my sister were just like hey I used that in a set the other day or hey I saw that on polyvore. But then I saw the price tags and was just like daaaaaayum. Like I don't get it, I just don't understand 'high fashion'. Yeah I know, that's practically blasphemous on a fashion website, but seriously, all I see is a normal item with just a fancy name and huge ass price tag. Like a Michael Kors simple canvas shopper, was £100 on sale. And it was all plain except for the words Michael Kors printed on it. Like guys, if there is some special secret to high fashion, feel free to enlighten the naive. And god, just the term high fashion annoys me. Like they are all so high and mighty above everyone else. Ugh no, I will not rant just because this set was meant to cheer you up Lena. I promise I have some cheery stuff in a min. Oh and I realise this is slightly hypocritical seeing as I supposedly use high fashion items in my set. To be honest, I just pick whatever looks good but if I wanted to, I could probably fins a cheaper alternative to just about all the items. Except that is effort. And I am lazy.

Oooh the most hilarious thing happened the other day. I was on Tumblr (also side note, I just discovered that @de-si-ree has a tumblr and it was just perfect and I sat there stalking it and I think I scrolled all the way to the bottom. Dude I love it :D) looking through random stuff and there was this pic of a model who was quite skinny but nothing extreme. Her cheeks were kinda sunken in and she had really big eyes and my mum goes Maleeha you know who that looks like and I was like who and she says oh you know that thing, that ugly thing from Lord of the Rings and I just cracked up because she was talking about Smeagle ahahaha :D And hey you know who else reminds me of Smeagle, Ozil. I am not even joking. They are just so alike. Oh and his goal in the match was perfection. Just yeah, we are back to the match again D: TIME TO BRIGHTEN THE MOOD. Starting with this LOTR related pic :P

Also Lena, just for you, I have pulled out my list of favourite gifs because you actually know what gifs are and they are awesome and you are awesome and just yeah.

1. - Yes, I am immature. You should know that by now.
2. - Because I have been lacking with my llama updates
3. - I find it amusing to laugh at other people’s misfortune.
4. - The other cops reaction makes me laugh every time. Every. Time.
5. - Professor X is so bad ass, I’m jealous.
6. - Pahahhahahahaha.
7. - Idk, I just like it.
8. - Ahahahaha. Again with the misfortune thing.
9. - Photobombing, @robot-in-a-box would get it :D
10. - It’s a classy gif guys, yeah I can be classy...ish

And if that wasn't enough, here are some other things I have been saving for that dreaded time when y'all no longer find me funny so I just have to substitute my words for pics. I was showing these to my dad and he didn't even laugh and now I just hope that whoever is reading this has a pretty damn good sense of humour. Then again, if you're reading this far down, you're awesome anyways.

1. - because no set is compete without my lovely Johnny
2. - I have riden on a camel and I am proud of that
3. - Oh god just every time I see his face, I cannot even, just wow, I love that dog. And I hate dogs
4. - And this just confuses me a helluva lot
5. - Because I am just dying to see The Amazing Spiderman
6. And god if your still depressed just go read this article. These guys make me laugh so much, just their lil comments. Pfssht this is high fashion guys, this:

Also, kinda just saves my life.

And umm in the past week I got some achievements along the lines of 200K views, then 330K, then 350K and then today 400K. Which is crazy because all that happened in a week. Super crazy. People always thank polyvore for that which is a bit dumb because Polyvore didn't view your sets 300K times, you guys did. So thanks guys, like a lot :D

Oh and today's challenge was 5 pet peeves and you guys just know it will be more than 5 and I will just have like a paragraph on each so I will skip today's challenge. Look forward to it next time though ahaha :D

So, Lena, I think this is like the longest dedication ever, but I have just 2 more things to say, you are awesome in like every way, and WASH THAT JERSEY!!!!!

Also @tell-me-more you are not allowed to laugh at any of this because you are a mean person. Who likes to swim in sewage. Ok you can laugh a little. Just like a little teehee.

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Wrote 4 years ago
great !!

Wrote 4 years ago
OH MY HEAVENS, YOUR SETS ARE SOOOO PIGMSDFOIGMSODPIMHPOGMIH *_* I'm just falling in love with your entire profile and I chose this set to speak up because HOGWARTS!!! And chocolate! But mostly Hogwarts!!! That's right, Ron, no need to tell Harry I >need< to sort out my priorities! kkk Sorry, I'm just a big potterhead. And a Polyvore lover. And a hungry teenager who loves chocolate. And you caught me on all of those things, how can I not love your sets?

Wrote 4 years ago
I adore the pictures! Cute styling!

Wrote 4 years ago
Gorgeous outfit !!!



By lusy_lusy (limit; contests)

By lusy_lusy (limit; contests)

! WELKOME ! This group is for everyone who loves fashion. I want to see a lot of fresh,
beautiful, original and stylish sets. It is only fashion. Be creative ! Of course I like contests=) I will be happy if you will be a member of my group!

Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.
(Oscar Wilde)

You are FIERCE!

You are FIERCE!

*This group was created on February 2, 2011.
A group for those who believe in their sets and aren't afraid to show their confidence in them! Be bold, be beautiful, be who you are!
Everyone is welcome!
We will have weekly contests, unless otherwise stated.
***** Please no text sets. (Unless you feel really, really confident in them.)



Welcome girls, feel free to join and submit your beautiful sets :) there will be lot of interesting contests + SPONSORS PRIZES so show me what you got ;) xoxo


1st place in group contest: The Girls Love: Oxfords

1st place in group contest: The Girls Love: Oxfords

68 sets from 24 members. Ended 4 years ago.
Hi, girls!!
I love the oxfords shoes, also known as brogues. They are chic and comfortable, they can be made by patent leather, with studs, on heels, etc. I want to see sets with oxfors.
1 week, 8 winners and no limit.
Have fun and good luck, girls :-))) <3

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