It may possibly be the best feeling when you get home, sit down at the computer, and realise that this set was Top Sets for 21st June. I can honestly say, this was my reaction: THANK YOU SO MUCH POLYVORE!!!! :D :D :D

Idk wth is this set. But whatever it is Friday so I can do whatever I want, including making weird ass sets that are just weird ass. And I really need to make these descriptions shorter...

Anyways, this set is TOTALLY dedicated to and inspired by the AMAZING @noelleinashell because she is the coolest person I know that has a certificate thingy for interior design and she makes absolutely stunning sets and her username is cool. It reminds me of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles because they like live in a shell. I find it funny how they wear masks to hide their identity, it's not like they're giant freaking turtles or anything ahahaha. Anyway back to Noelle. She always leaves such lovely comments and is one of the few people the reads all this and she will design my house someday, hopefully. Also she had this really cool idea for this thing called Style Mission which you can read about here: This weeks challenge is Shorts so also this is my set for that :D I guess I should tag the lovely @hoppsan as well as she is part of the whole thing :D

But anyway Noelle, I hope you like this set and my half attempt at interior designing. I would say something like 'Keep up the good work' but that makes em sound like a teacher and I am not a teacher. I am an anti-movie writer :D :D

Now for all those who care, here is another life update featuring who other than me *half-hearted wooing and cheering* Actually first I want you all to go check out @new-tell-uh who is new here and makes perfect sets and her name is Lana like Lana Lang and she is awesome and her username never fails to amaze me with it's amazingness and yeah. Oh and she likes LOTR. What more could you want?

So, I was searching the internet for a Robert Pattinson mask to get my friend as a joke gift and then I closed the laptop and went to eat lunch. I came back and had forgotten all about it and I opened the laptop and BAM his ugly ass face was staring back at me and he practically gave me a heart attack. Thanks for that dude. Thanks a lot -_- This was the mask btw scary huh.

Also I have now changed my banner thing on my page and I like so it so I think I am gonna change it frequently because I can. Ima set the date as Monday so we can all start the week by reading Maleeha's 'inspirational' quote of the week. Ahahaha those things are gonna be the furthest thing from inspirational.

Oh and whilst searching for R-Pitz I came across this weeks internet highlights presented to you by well me. Sorry.

1. Johnny Freakin Bravo I love you. Johnny and me, you see, me and him we think on the same wavelength. I would constantly just quote his damn perfect obnoxious quotes butI don't like getting punched in the face.
2. How the hell does this happen. Just how?
3. This guy deserves a medal for awesomeness. You see, I TOTALLY came up with the idea but due to the fact that I live nowhere near a giant freakin waterfall, I was unable to do it and then this guy just stole my idea .-.
4. Even I can't come up with an awesome caption for this so Ima just let you guys bask in this trees awesomeness.
5. This picture has been sitting in my items for so long just staring at me and for some unbeknown reason it reminds me so much of @ashley-rebecca. Idk maybe it's the hair, but just something always makes me think of you :D
6. Today is the 25th birthday of the gif so HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D

It's slightly ironic that this set has a Union Jack cushion in it and England are just about to play their match against Sweden and the last thing I will be doing is cheering 'our fantastic boys' on. Frankly I hate the English team and it's entertaining to watch the whole country get their hopes up over nothing. England drew their first game and the media is making it out to be a 'good solid start'. Pfshhht solid start my ass, now German, that is a solid start amirite @lenasupernatural ;D

Oh challenge time!! Day 5: Things you want to say to an ex.

Well it's funny how everyone automatically assumes that it's things you want to say to an ex boyf when it actually doesn't specify that so this is what I would like to say to my ex tennis ball:

Long time huh. Yeah frikkin long time SINCE YOU ABANDONED ME THAT SUMMERS DAY. Don't think I've forgotten, that day when we were all out playing a nice game of cricket and you hair was all tousled and wind swept and bright green and you had that new fresh-out-of-the-box smell and you were gracefully soaring through the air towards me and then you made contact with the bat and everything was going so well and we had a real connection and then BAM you decided to leave and and fly into the neighbour's garden, lost forever. I have a lot more to say but Ima just let Adele do her thing and sing Rolling in the Deep to you because that is how I feel. And if you ever decide to come back, forget it. BECAUSE I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACE AGAIN... except I do a little. Oh what the hell come back already, the other tennis balls are so crap. Ugh.

Wow, that was too much fun.

Anyway guys, the darned tooth ache is back and I need to go take some painkillers. Have a great weekend while I pretend to revise for physics while just making more sets and going on poly. It's like we are in a relationship, me and polyvore. Like I'm trying to leave, BUT I KEEP JUST COMING BACK. This is unhealthy.
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