Forenote: I realise I start literally ALL of my blogs with 'So...' so I tried to find a new intro but I couldn't. So umm I just stuck with it :D

So is it just me or do Chrysler make the best damn adverts. I'm not even joking but I may just be in love with this advert. I'm watching it as I type it now. Just the guy who speaks, when he opens his mouth it's like he speaks with the wisdom of 100 old wisdom filled people and his voice he just seems so like amazing and Chryslery and omg if I ever met him, he would be my homeboy. My homiest of homeboys. I've watched the ad like 100 times before but I don't actually know what he says coz I'm in so busy being in awe of his voice. This dude wipes the floor with Morgan Freeman. Just saying. Just everything about this ad is so perfect, the car, the voice and the music. I love the music. I died a little when I found out it was by Jay Z .-. I don't like Jay Z or Beyonce or Rihanna or all those people who think of themselves as role models. I'm not gonna go into full rant mode because I'm still listening to the Chrysler ad and it's making me smile.

Oh and the bit where I said he wipes the floor with Morgan Freeman reminds me of a joke:
Got into a fight with a mop last night. Wiped the floor with that idiot.

Yes I just wrote a paragraph about a Chrysler ad. Damn I should've taken Media. Might've been good at it...

I cannot work out whether this guy is failing in epic proportion or winning in epic proportions.

OMG I'M SO EXCITED FOR WRECK IT RALPH. Yeah it's a cartoon movie and they are probably my favourite and this has all the gamer stuff a nerdy girl like me wants. I mean cmon a movie with Mario and Streetfighter??!! Dear god just give me tickets please. Man I'd love to work in a cartoon movie with Pixar. Like voice a character or come up with the plot line or just something. Daaamn I'm seriously considering some sort of future in movie making or something. Can you be both a film producer and a dentist??

OMG I'm such an idiot. Not even joking. So about 3 weeks ago I was reading this RP on here about the Hunger Games and it was really good and I was like on a roll and had read like 7 parts. And then I went to eat dinner and after dinner I come back and BAM, it's like my memory had been erased because I absolutely had no recollection of this RP or who wrote it. So this morning whilst revising for chemistry I was reading something about mayonnaise being an emulsion and BAM its like my memory has been restored coz I suddenly remembered that I was reading a RP like a month ago. Now for the life of me I cannot remember who wrote this role-play. Honestly I've been searching like a retarded retard and I cannot find them!!! All I remember is they were doll sets and there was a bit about blue silk boxers. Detective Maleeha is stumped. Help me out guys.

On the subject of stories, my anti movie got AN AWESOME RESPONSE FROM ALL YOU AWESOME PEOPLE!!!! I was literally expecting like 5 people to read and all of a sudden I have like people waiting for the next one and now I'm all like hehehehhe I'm semi famous *pleased smirk* So thank you does't even cover it but Ima say it anyway. Thanks guys. Part 2 won't be up for a while because excessive amounts of exams means excessive amount of revision which means no time for Poly. I should be revising right now but I figure a break is fine. I'm so gonna regret that afterwards.

Oooh I haven't done my challenge in a while.

Day 4: Bullet your whole day.

Yeah I like how this challenge comes around on the least interesting day. Le sigh.

-Woke up
-Turned my alarm off
-Stared into space for a while
-Ate breakfast - toast and pineapple jam. I am uber proud to say that I have never skipped breakfast in my life before EVER.
-Vacuumed the whole friggin house
-Tried and failed to do a teeny bit of weightlifting
-Snacked on some cookie crumble chocolate
-Started revision
-Got distracted by texting @robot-in-a-box
Ooh I haven't breathed in a while
-Took a deep breathe
-Carried on this damn revision-Got distracted by Poly. Forced myself to revise again
-Ate lunch - spinach. It was very nice :)
-Gave myself a break and started writing this.

Le sigh.

OOOOOOH OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG GUESS WHAT??!! So I found out I can do this cool thing with my phone. Basically if you have a HTC phone, you can use the touch screens with your tongue. Not. Even. Joking. So I tried and it is awesome!! So I was randomly texting using my tongue... yeah everybody stared at me a little like this:


Also wth I only used one :D in this whole thing and I said 'friggin' once. It's probably the Chrysler guy. He's inspired me to speak all wisdomly.

Fare well fellow brethren.

... too wisdomy??
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