Aah I only have two more exams left!! Geography tomorrow and French on Friday and then freedom, sweeeeeet freedom :D And geo revision has been killing me, and the computer is right in front of me, so naturally I get distracted. And I'm in a surprisingly good mood so just threw together a set :D

Guys, I am SO proud of myself, seriously. Yesterday, I managed to figure out the Google doodle and complete it whilst most people sat there like this: http://bit.ly/KvRgav I guess I just like mathematically problems :) You know what, sometimes I feel sorry for Bing, so I use it out of pity. One of my favourite things to search on Bing is Google ahaha. No seriously, I was all like you know what, Ima try to love Bing, but then I saw the Bing competition on Poly and thought 'Hey that's cool' and then realised it was only open TO LEGAL RESIDENTS OF THE FIFTY STATES OF AMERICA. And then I was like, whatever, Bing can go and be forever alone. Ha.

Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNIE (@hoppsan) :D :D :D Ah your sets are just lovely and so stylish and basically they're quite inspiring, oh and you're awesome :D Also you tagged me to do a challenge today, so here it is :D

I was tagged in this gorgeous set: http://polyv.re/KVHW5X

The object was to
1. Use a song lyric as the title.
No, ok, no. But I chose the lyric: 'And I run the red, won't stop at night / I don't care for traffic lights'. The song is Slow it Down, mentioned below.

2. Pick one item from this set.
I used the love more quote.

3. Ask a random question.
The question I had to answer was: Which is your absolute favourite song? Well right now, Slow it Down by Amy Macdonald is stuck in my head so I guess that :D Go listen to it now yo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGwXzrW5mFc 
My question to y'all is: What is one thing about you that nobody on here knows? Yeah I know nosy ass question but whatever, don't answer if you don't want to :D

Now I tag the lovely:
Plus anyone else mentioned in this set
Plus anyone else who wants to do this

Oh and tagging @noelleinashell as well because this is my set for the Style Mission number something I forgot, 'Layers' :D

http://bit.ly/MhQgMt Oh god, you guys don't know how much I wanna see the face of the person who opens the door. That would make such an awesome prank. Hey, little story. This year, on the 1st of March I woke up like ahahaha April Fools everyone and just went round being an idiot and all. And no one even said a thing. And then I go April's fooling my mum and she just stands there like, Maleeha, it's April and gives me a look like what the hell this is my daughter?! But yeah, I'm an idiot, true story :D

Oh challenge time again. Seriously, I am only on day 6 and it's been like 4 weeks and this was supposed to be a 30 day challenge. Haha, good joke.

Day 6: Your views on mainstream music
Ha, I hate it. I think I ranted about it in a previous set so just go ahead and look there. I mean you're wasting your time reading this, may as well carry one wasting time, the homework can wait, it's not important anyway. I mean come on, you're young, it's umber, loosen up a lil, have some fun you old sod. Pahaha I'm like the opposite of a therapist: an anti therapist :P

Speaking of anti things, the anti movie will have to wait until next week, when all exams are finished. I have been writing a few bits of it though, on paper because I'm old skool like that. Idk, it just feels nice writing on paper. It's just 'one of those things'. Like holding a brand new book and smelling the pages. Yeah guys, I like the smell of books. Ah honestly, just the feeling of opening a new book and trying to read it carefully without ruining the spine is just so perfect. Which is why I hate Kindles so much. Yup, you guessed it guys RANT TIME! Kindles piss me off, seriously. Like reading off a screen is THE WRONG WAY TO READ. How can you even enjoy that??!! Yeah, I get it, free books and all, but still it's not the same!! Like one time, I was so desperate to read a book, it was freaking unbelievable. So I downloaded it onto the computer and sat there for like 3 hours straight, staring at the screen, reading this book. Yeah the book was hella awesome and I enjoyed it a lot, but the whole experience was ugh. Like when you go to turn a page, you cannot turn a page. You have to click a little button and it's not nice.

Someone told me to get a Kindle once, I said: I bought a 3D Kindle, IT'S CALLED A BOOK. I'm proud of my response, it makes me smile :D

And carrying on with books, just because I can, I finished reading Divergent the other day and it was awesome. A lil predictable, but awesome :D And now I need to get Insurgent and my friend who is reading it as well, got the book on her phone and is like this is awesome, while I sit here and wait for my library to get the book in. Le sigh .-. I have a stack of books waiting to be read, but I've sort of hidden them away, so that I can revise. Ha, what a naive attempt that was.

Also I love the comic in this set and that bridge place, wherever it is, is damn beautiful and one day, me and my Lamborghini will drive over it.

OMG HOW COULD I FORGET!!!! THE TRAILER FOR MONSTERS UNIVERSITY IS OUT!!!! Oh. My. God. I. Love. Animated. Movies. You. Cannot. Even. Understand. Like. Oh. My. God. And then there's THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN WHICH LOOKS JUST SO AMAZING AND WHAT THE HELL I NEED TO SEE THIS NOW AND BATMAN AND JUST OH MY GOD, NERDY MALEEHA IS LIKE DYING FROM ALL THIS AWESOME SUPERHERONESS AND just a thought, technically, watching all these movies, could be seen as research for my anti movie. Ah I feel all professional now :') Too bad cinema prices are stupidly high over here. Orange 241 Wednesdays is what gets me through. Plus we have a popcorn man who stands outside the cinema serving the bestest popcorn for only a £1 and sometimes I wish that he would never die so I could forever eat popcorn from him. OBVIOUSLY, his popcorn is not ad good as @robot-in-a-box 's mums because seriously, nothing beats her popcorn. Ah dude, do you remember that time when we were watching 101 Dalmatians and playing Tony Hawks. Ye good ol' days. Le sigh.

Anywho, the football is on, so obviously me and my dad are commentating and just basically laughing about how the commentators make England out to be so damn good. Oh and Rooney = Shrek which is sad because Shrek is one of my all-time fave movies.

Have a wonderful week, blah, blah, you are all awesome, blah, blah, Abi is seeing Red Hot Chilli Peppers today, blah, blah, HOLIDAYS START IN LIKE 4 WEEKS FOR ME WOOOO. Yeah that's a long time .-.

Ah how I love long descriptions :')
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