There is no other way I can explain this other tha a glitch. Seriously.
Top Sets for 28th June 2012. WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. HELL. NO. FREAKIN. WAY.

So here is my audition for @caity-is-a-timelady 's role-play. Now I was asked to join a role-play that someone else was making and I said no because I wasn't particularly looking to join a rp and then 5 mins later I saw this and I was like damn I HAVE to do this because Saturday nights were literally defined by Robin Hood. So sorry other person. If I was a selfless person, I'd say that one rule applies to all, but I am selfish, I am brave. Pahaha I got that line from Divergent which I just finished and it's pretty good. Anyway, less blog, more audition.

Name: Willa Scarlet
Alias: Will Scarlet
Age: Eighteen
Weapon(s) of Choice: Two Axes
Likes: Family, a full belly, hunting,
Dislikes: The Sheriff, Gisbourne, tax collectors, 
Bio: Willa is the daughter of Locksley’s finest carpenter. With taxes so high, she and her family had to poach and steal for food. It was barely enough to survive, and they were very careful. Sadly, they weren’t careful enough. Her father and brothers were caught and imprisoned: sentenced to hang by the neck until death. She couldn’t lose them, so she risked her own life to help them escape. That day, the quiet and calculating Willa vowed to bring down the corrupt Sheriff Vaisey.
Model: Ashleigh Good (a huge thanks to @suede and @fragilerose for all the amazing suggestions :D) I decided to change the model because I just couldn’t picture the previous model as Willa. Also Ashleigh has a more fierce look to her and to me, she is the perfect Willa :D


It had become routine now, to leave in the early morning light with a game bag strung over my shoulder. Father, Jack and Tobias would come too, desperate to find something, anything that could keep us going for the day. To me, our escapades were a necessity, risky, dangerous escapades, but still a necessity. But to my brothers, it was a challenge; who could bring home the biggest piece of meat; who could defy the sheriff the most. And with their boisterousness came danger and a chance of getting caught, a chance that would blight us all.

The woods were never silent, the constant hum of birds and the small patter of feet against the carpeted forest floor was soothing to me, a place where momentarily, the village, the sheriff and all troubles could be forgotten, a place where I came alive. Crouching down, I removed my sheath of arrows concealed within my bag. Although axes were my weapon of choice, hunting was more successful using a delicate tool like a bow and arrow. In the distance I heard a woop as one of my brothers had caught something. I cursed under my breath.

Ignoring everything else, I steadied my breathing, becoming attuned with my surroundings. I slowly opened my eyes, and set off to provide for my family.


Wow, this is probably the most serious you guys have ever seen me... and I'm going to ruin it all by showing you this :D 

Ahahaha enjoy the weekend guys :D
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