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Just recently hit 1000 followers and 100K views which is frggin mental because 1000 people like /my/ creations. What the friggin hell like actually. But anyway hi to all the new people: http://bit.ly/JCcza5

So in my previous set, I mentioned how I was tired of Hollywood and decided to make my own movie. And here it is. Or well part of it :D

Also if you were tagged in here, congratulations, this set is for you :D It also means that you are a character in my anti-movie. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you have to read it, I won’t feel offended if you don’t :D Also there is a tag waay down below if you feel like doing it :)

Aaaaand on to the movie :D Btw anything in [] are like my side notes. Enjoy :D

Oh and Wally is in there somewhere. Go find him, go, go, go!!


So it all started with an alien invasion because well everything awesome starts with an alien invasion. So here is sweet little Earth being all happy and earth like, when OMG A SPACESHIP DECENDS UPON IT. Obviously everybody was screaming and fainting coz well duh there’s an alien invasion... or it might be because the 1D guys were there but hey nobody knows. So from the spaceship comes out a horde of aliens [@evanabosh @im-not-a-poppy plus other normal aliens] and they have fun terrorising the people and eating their food and generally taking over Earth. So once the aliens have completely taken over, and the humans are now the slaves of the aliens, from the spaceship, out comes a person. And you can’t see the person because there’s lots of smoke to make a dramatic entrance. Except the entrance wasn’t so dramatic because the person who was coming out of the smoke turned out to be asthmatic so he was like dying and choking and all. After recovering they did a rerun of the dramatic entrance minus the smoke and turns out Mr Awesome Dramatic Entrance man was actually Darthvader. [Hell yes]

So Darthvader does a speech about how he will take over the world etc etc and basically everybody will die. Cue the screaming and fainting, again. After that, Darthvader is ushered away into The Ritz by his personal assistant Laura [@dreamer1983 pahaha i think my casting is perfect ;) ] And his alien cronies carry on pillaging and killing and eating stuff.

Obviously, Darthvader and the whole alien invasion have set off an extremely extremely high security risk and OBVIOUSLY the FBI or CIA or some other fancy acronym have been prepared for such an attack. So the United Nations have set up this secret organisation of superheroes who are supposed to save the world. Or something. This secret organisation is called THE AVENGERS [yeah I know unoriginal but what the hey] The head of The Avengers was Veronica [@lachompi09 ] and she set out to travel the world and find the other superhero members of The Avengers and call them in to help on the special mission.

First Veronica travels to Miami to search for Ashley [@ashley-rebecca ]. She finds her roller blading in a skate park wearing a killer fedora and a maxi skirt. Yes, she can roller blade in a maxi skirt, it’s one of the perks of being a super hero. So anyway Ashley decides to accept said mission to save the world and the dangerous duo set off to find a certain awesome someone in a certain awesome country.

So next stop, Germany and to find Lena [@lenasupernatural] She was picking carrots in a carrot farm that she lived on. Coz she is /that/ cool. Veronica and Ashley went into Lena’s little cottage where she served them carrots and German pancakes. [Does Germany even have national pancakes? Who knows. It’s an antimovie, anything can happen.] So after a nice breakfast the trickery trio [trickery is the best adjectiveish word I can come up with right now, bare with me guys] set off to lil ol’ England to search for some more badass kickin superheroes. [Also because we are still in Germany, I feel inclined to make a Hitler joke, but I shall not. If you’re offended, my bad. Instead I shall just leave you with this: http://ignorehitler.tumblr.com ]

Ok so it’s raining coz its England duh. [Also in the background are lots of ‘English’ people walking around but they’re all actually just Americans with really bad English accents] After some intense detective work, the trio manage to find an address to actually what is an ok looking house. They knock on the door but obviously no one opens because Abi [@tell-me-more ] is too lazy to get up off her ass and open it. So the trio try hard to convince Abi to accept the mission but she sin’t listening to any of their crap and refuses to take part. She thinks an alien invasion is cool. [Because it /is/ cool] Eventually the trio just drug her and stick her in the back of a van. Oh yes, we superheroes sure do love each other :) And now the quirky quartet head off down south in search of the last superhero on their list. Actually it’s not even a search; it’s obvious where she would be chillin’. [Ooh look at that fancy semi colon in between search and it’s. Ah Word makes me look oh so clever]

The van [OMG LIKE THE MYTERY VAN FROM SCOOBY DOO] containing 4 awesome people pulled up at THE NATIONAL LLAMA PARK. [Ohhhhh yeeeaaaaaahhhh] So Maleeha was gallivanting in the fields atop her Royal Llama rightly named Mayonnaise whilst eating a carrot. Let me just explain, it was a badass sight.

So it wasn’t hard to convince Maleeha [Omg it feels so weird talking about myself in third person. Wait that is third person right?!] Except she had her own rules that she would follow by and she basically does whatever the hell she wants because this is her damn awesome movie. So yeah. She joined the Avengers on one condition. Her awesome friend Punchy could join too. [Punchy is my real life bestest friend who is amazing and all and her username is @robot-in-a-box and you should go follow her] [Also Punchy is one of those paranoid people who live in caves and therefore think that the minute they join any socialish networking sight they will be plagued by spam and cyber hackers desperate to steal her oh so awesome personality. Therefore I will refer to her as Punchy]

Carrying on, then someone is running towards the superheroes who are posing majestically in front of the sunset. It’s Taylor [@luxecouture ]and she wants to join The Avengers. The superheroes ask her to show them her special talent and then she does this awesome thing where she transforms from Taylor, Taylor to Taylor Swift, Taylor and then she sings all badassily and it’s like The Soren Ya know like in Dr. Who... But anyway she gets to join The Avengers. Duh.

So here is the final rundown of the main AVENGERS: Veronica, Ashley, Lena, Abi, Maleeha and Punchy. Oh and they have a team mascot who is this annoying little ferret called Fareeha [My sister. Unfortunately I had to add her to The Avengers because well apparently that’s what older sisters are meant to do -_-]


Ok I realise this whole ‘Anti-movie’ is gonna carry on longer than I thought... waay too long for just one set. Therefore I am going to finish this in parts. Also many of you guys will get to play characters in here coz that’s just my way of saying thanks for all the support and all. And I also realise that this isn’t written like a proper story story. That’s because it originally started out as like an outline for the movie plot but idk where this is going anymore... hopefully somewhere cool :D So maybe next time this will be more linguistically amazing. Maybe. Also If you read this, thank you :D Annd if you want to be tagged in the next one comment down below. Here are a few people that might want to read and you guys defo get a part soon :D @gagarose @la-chica @noa2277 @hortensie @patpatkay

Also I HATE the new changes to Polyvore and I would rant about it because y’all know how much I love to rant but I’ve written too much and cba anymore. If you want, I can rant with someone in the comments. Might even be a bit therapeutic :D

Oh and here’s a tag I needed to do like 12 years ago:

I was tagged by Abi in this ew set :D http://www.polyvore.com/set_me_free_leave_be/set?id=49289570&lid=1373089
1. Pick a song,
2. Make a line from that song be the title of your set,
3. In my set, pick one item and use it in yours,
4. Tag 10 people and tell them to do the same,
5. Ask a random question

The song I choose is Drive By by Train and the line I choose is ‘and I was overwhelmed, and frankly scared as hell’. I’m not going to make it the title because that’s not the Maleeha way. But honestly, this song IS MY JAM yo. And my bread and butter and everything else.

The question I had was: Where in the world do you most want to visit?

Oh hell, everywhere. Honestly, I’d like to go Pakistan again, Vienna seems cool, Dubai is where the rich kids hang. Somewhere that’s beautiful. Germany so I can meet Lena. Venezuela because it sounds awesome like Veronica. Everywhere basically.

My question is: What would your super power be? I think that’s a pretty damn good question.

And here is your daily Llama update: http://bit.ly/M8wqkM

And Abi, you’re helping me write Part 2

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