Friggin hell. I made Top Sets again. Well wow thanks so much everyone :D I seem so calm but I'm not really. Well this is awesome :D :D :D :D

So lately, more and more people have been reading all this crap that I write so umm... HI :D *awkwardly waves* So if you're new, let me sum myself up for you. I am a Class A retard, wannabe Darthvader, ninja-in-training and part-time superhero. How you can be all of those things at once is beyond me, but hey, I’m managing :D Oh also mayonnaise is my homeboy.

What the hell is even a homeboy?? Ok, Urban Dictionary says homeboy is basically someone you chill with. And then it gives the example ‘Me and my homeboy's are singin "bling bling goes the donkey named Fred” You know, I’d love to meet the people on the internet. We could have like an internet reunion where everybody meets up and they bring their computer and we just talk to each other EXCPET we talk through the internet. So yeah... that idea failed...

Oh and guys check out @elzaan She's a cool person that I found so go say hi :D

But anyways, this set is like meh. It started off ok I guess but then I got bored. I would name this set meh but then that would ruin the whole number thing I have going on.

I had a lot to say but now I have forgotten. Hmm. What animals can you ride? Like serious question, I’ve been on a camel ride and a horse but could you ride any animal? I mean it would be epic to go on a ride on:
A donkey
An elephant
A llama
An alpaca
An ostrich
A dragon
A dinosaur
An alligator
I think that’s about it really. Oooh I wish I could like magic myself to be really teeny and then I could go on a turtle ride. That would be AWESOME :D

OH I REMEMBER WHAT I WANTED TO SAY!!! :D So basically I watched the Titanic for the first time the other day. Even then it I missed like the first half because I was too busy watching the football. So umm yeah, here is my summary: WHAT THE HELL IS ALL THE HYPE FOR??!! Like I don’t understand what’s so friggin amazing about this film. Jack and Rose were ok, but kinda pissed me off. Like what is the need for saying their names all the time?? It was like:

Hello ROSE. How are you ROSE?
Hi JACK. I am ok JACK.
That is good ROSE.

LIKE OK WE GET IT. Your name is Rose and his name is Jack. WE. GET. IT.

My favourite characters were those bad ass musician players who just stood there with this face and were like: ‘The ship’s sinking?! Pahaha Ima play this violin.’ And not a single crap was given that day.

Oh and Jack and Rose both could’ve easily fit on that piece of wood. Stupid Hollywood. I love how Hollywood thinks that as long as they have some romance, some stuff blowing up and cool guys in shades sliding across car bonnet, it will aaaaall be fine, despite the fact that THE MOVIE MAKES NO LOGICAL SENSE. i.e. Twilight. Yup I just said Twilight is the biggest load of crap. Come at me bro.

As you can tell I am sort of anti-everything. One day Ima make like an anti-film. Like a non-film. Where the guy is like running through the fields to get to the girl and then BAM appears a crazy ass Llama who attacks him and then THEY ALL DIE. Yup. You know what, in the next set, I shall explain my non-movie and then you guys can all imagine it in your head and be like wow that was such an awesome film. I shall do that.

Oh Day 3: Your favourite book:
Meh there’s too many so I’ll make a collection some day.

Anyway, once again, if you read all that. Comment which Llama haircut is best:

Oh and I shall tag some awesome people: @hijabikebabi :D

My vainness will be the death of me. But hey, at least I don’t make duck faces, take pics and then upload em to Facebook :D

But anyways guys, HAVE A GREAT DAY. It's so hot today so Ima go outsode for a leisurely stroll and twirl in the wind and get a tan. No but seriously guys, I'm brown. I'm not getting a tan.

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