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  • The Ultimate Cookie Birthday Party
    We adore a cookie-themed birthday party, so when sweet Harley requested a milk and cookie party, we couldn't wait to get started. For her party, we decided to use the bright and happy colors of sprinkles as inspiration! Bright aqua, hot pink, tangy orange and luscious lime set the color palette for this fun birthday. Cookie, cookies, cookies! There's no denying that kids are nuts for cookies. But don't think for a moment that just because cookies are a tried-and-true favorite that they can't be turned into fabulous party treats as well. We made a sugar cookie ice box cake for the center, cookie whoopie pies, sugar cookies, cupcakes topped with mini cookies, cookies iced and topped with sprinkles and our interactive centerpiece—the cookie pizza! Here is a closer look at all of the goodies lovingly made with convenient, refrigerated cookie dough! For an activity, we set up a cookie decorating station. Kids could try their hand at making their own cookie [...]