hey (:
this was requested on formspring, thanks for that ♥

Ingredients ♥
-1 pint heavy whipping cream 
-1/4 cup chocolate syrup 
-1 package graham crackers

Chill bowl and beaters for 1/2 hour in freezer. Pour whip cream into chilled bowl and whip on high until cream forms stiff peaks. Add small amounts of chocolate syrup to taste until a rich chocolate cream is obtained.
In glass 12 x 8-inch pan, add one layer of graham crackers, then 1/2-inch layer of chocolate cream. Repeat until pan is full. Chill at lease 3 hours before cutting into servings.

graham crackers --> http://thumbs.ifood.tv/files/images/food/graham-cracker-04.jpg

that's it ♥
hope you like it (:
Janina ♥

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