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hello lovelies!!

i went shopping today and bought really cool things!! i went to this local discount sports store and bought a white adidas cap w black stripes & logo and its so pretty wow <3 and i got a lil phone case w like small bedazzle bits that shake around

i had the frickin worst night last night... its was just so horrible and every time i think about it i just wanna burst into tears idk.. so anyways i went out at like 6:30 last night to go bowling w my friends and it was rlly fun but then i went back to my friends place to wait for my parents to come back home so i could get in the house. so then at like 10pm my older brother called me on the phone and he said that i left the door to the garage door open and my dog escaped and he was still missing and i was just so shocked i couldnt do anything like move or even breathe properly?? and then after i hung up i cried so hard bc it was all my fault that my dog is gone and he might never come back home and i was the one who did this and i hated myself for doing that and i basically had a breakdown in my friends bedroom.. and then like 10 mins later my dad shows up to take me home and i see my dog in the car!!!??? and i like cried of joyand i was just so happy that my dad found him on the way to my friends place and that he was safe.. so when we got home i asked where my dad found him and hes like oh "my older bro" found him at the end of the street with the other dogs and i was like but it was 10 how did you find him? and my dads like what do you mean he escaped just after you left?? and thats when i was SOOOOO upset and just so angry at my older brother for lying to me and making me feel like sh..t and just hating myself! and i so i went up and asked him why he did that and hes like it was a joke!!! you should close the door if you dont want this to happen again!! and i was just so angry like how could you just say that to me on the phone and have me break down in tears at someone elses house saying that my dog is missing and then tell me that it was a joke???? i didnt find it funny at all it was terrifying! i thought that my dog would never come home or he would fall into the creek near my house and drown and it was all my fault???? he hasnt even apologized to me yet!!! wtf i was literally in hysterics last night it was so traumatizing like NO ONE should ever feel that way.. ever and my parents even laughed at me and said to stop "overreacting" like how am i supposed to react to this????. i just really hated last night. i just wish i could travel back in time and close a stupid door which we found out later on my little brother left open, not me :(((((( 

ok so sorry for that long story i just needed to say what i wanted to say without bursting out in tears... sorry if i made anyone of you upset i didnt mean to!!! i love you all <3 

stay gold
elisa x
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