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Hi everyone!! It's been a while since I've been on, sorry about that. And I probably won't have another tip made next week either. Sorry about that, but after that week I will try and get more done!
Anyways on to the tipp!!


If it's easier for you, here's the tutorial :

Items needed:
-a stretchy headband (the thicker fabric ones work the best) 

-Make sure your hair is damp
-Put the headband across your forehead
-twist your pieces of hair into the hairband
-As you twist your hair through the headband, add a piece every time
-Repeat to the other side
-with the extra hair at the end, just tuck that into the hairband as well
-sleep on it
-VOILA! Loose curls that look like you actually spent the time curling them with a curler(: 

This way only takes around 5 minutes, maybe even less! I realized that this didn't really make any sense. I'm sorry, so the link is up top(: I hope your curls are great and you are satisfied with the outcome.

It Gets Better,

Quote of the Day: "Worrying will never change the outcome." -Anon.
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