Well, polyfriends, first of all, I'm sorry I haven't been on recently. I was in Europe and it was literally impossible to get on.

On to my depressing life sob story.

This is the outfit. Well, similar to the outfit. The shorts are actually a deep purple, with light light pink-ish white flowers. The tank top is actually more of a hot pink. The earrings would have been mix and match, probably a lizard and a turtle. The sweater would have been opened, not just a V neck like the one here. The shoes are gray Oxfords, but they are not sparkly or cheetah print.
Ladies and gentlemen, I have just described to you the outfit that I was going to wear to my date that I was previously ranting about how nervous I was. Guess what? It's canceled. He leaves for college the next day and wants to spend the night with his family. Which is totally, 100% understandable. And he told me he misses me. I should be happy with that, right? I just want to see him. I don't want him to go away and live in Maine. I wish I could see him. Why couldn't he just be a year younger? When he's away, he definitely won't be thinking of me. He'll be out at parties with other girls. While I'll be sitting at home, and it's not like no guys like me or anything, but if any of them have the guts to make a move I know I'll turn them down because the only person I want right now is him. The heart is a cruel, cruel power source.

I had a dream last night where he told me I was beautiful again. The subconscious can be cruel too.
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