breakeven // the script.

i love that song. it's not exactly new, but hey...i'm still allowed to like it.

this set was fun to make. i was annoyed when i hit the 50 item limit, but clipping it didn't make it look too bad.


i kind of like it though. this isn't my original layout. credit to her sets like this are so stunning!

so, i've got an idea.

basically, a girl on here got me interested in roleplaying, and I wanted to try to make one on my own. if you have any pointers, or i’m doing something wrong, please tell me! i don’t mind criticism.

but here’s my idea;

in england of 1993, a behind-the-scenes project began.

scientists created a machine that could capture the essence of stars. they injected this solution into ten infants, creating The Shinings.

The Shinings began to grow up like all human children, but they had many qualities that set them apart. some had super speed, some strength, some could read minds. the powers were as diverse as The Shinings themselves.

after being cooped up in a lab and constantly tested, these teenagers are ready to see what the real world is like for themselves.

the scientists are happy to oblige to this request, wanting to see how their creations handle life.

the ten juniors are being sent to Goodrich Falls Academy in Oxford, and no one there has any idea of The Shinings.

what will happen when they face interaction with others for the first time?

will chaos reign, or will love and happiness rule over?

those are only a few of the mysteries of what will happen when The Shinings are let loose.

...does that sound interesting? is it too complicated to make a roleplay group of? and if i did make it, would you join?

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