no light, no light in your bright blue eyes. i never knew daylight could be this violent.

Name: Anassandra Sola
Age: 21
Original Faction: Erudite
Current Faction: Dauntless
Likes: minimal technology, the smell of a new book, darkness, writing fiction, the feel of wind whipping through her hair, running fast, quietness, new reading materials, learning whatever she can, libraries, a warm fireplace, dark chocolate, guns, organization, the smell of burnt metal and gun powder, spearmint, the sound of the ocean, heights, & that moment right before sunrise where the sky turns a beautiful shade of dark dark blue
Dislikes: new technology that confuses her, not fitting in, erratic stunts, instability, strawberries, brightness, instruction manuals, all eyes on her, hurting people, romantic relationships (they make her nervous), trusting people, & her love/hate relationship with both Dauntless and Erudite as well as the strong discord between them.
Personality: sassy to her initiates, intuitive, insecure, perceptive, a closeted adrenaline junkie, brave when few people are watching, quiet, rebellious, focused, athletic to an extent, loquacious, & driven
Bio: Looking at Anassandra (who also goes by Ana--long 'A' like Ohna) today, you’d never guess that the brazen and seemingly fearless trainer of the Dauntless transfer initiates had originally hailed from Erudite, save for the odd amount of blue that still resides in her wardrobe. She seems as if she perfectly fits in with the Dauntless; she has the tattoos, the dark leather clothing, the unflinching ability to jump out of a speeding train, the risque confident-in-her-body attitude, and the dead-eye aim to shoot a gun directly into the bullseye. But only Ana knows it’s all show. She’s not nearly as brave as everyone may think and she’d much rather pour over endless books from centuries past than carelessly dangle off the side of the Pit. The truth is, Ana still is just as much Erudite as she is Dauntless because she’s Divergent. But she’s never told a soul. The funny thing with Ana is that she keeps many secrets about herself. She’s never spoken about how often she still doubts if Dauntless was the right faction for her or how she still is terrified of shooting a gun because she knows of the repercussions. Ana doesn’t mention the amount of fears she has, leaving many to wonder if it’s big or small, and she’s surprisingly quiet. Ana keeps minimal friends, doesn’t speak with many members of Dauntless save for her initiates, and bites her tongue every time she has to confront people of higher power to her. But the truth is, Ana still struggles with wanting to be accepted, both with society and with herself. She’s too brash and daring for Erudite but too timid and hesitant for Dauntless and because of that, she’s spent a good majority of her life wondering where she truly fits in. For the longest time, Ana wasn't exactly the most popular girl in Dauntless because of her past as a Erudite. Many Dauntless still assume she sympathizes with the Erudite, and maybe she does, but Ana isn't even sure herself. Ana feels as if she constantly needs to prove her worth to those around her, despite being Divergent. The bottom line is Ana is an enigma. She's a puzzle waiting to be solved, but unfortunately, she's no where near Erudite any more, save for the memories she keeps close to her heart, and she just as well may remain a puzzle to everyone else--including herself.
Model: Darla Baker
Taken by: @jolieenrose

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