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Lately I have been obsessed with 2 songs : Cookoo by Adam Lambert and No Lights by Florence + The Machine 

I am not sure if i like this kind of sets or not, I'll see.
I know it is all dark, but I am actually happy.
Tomorrow I will have the school report of the first semester. Arghh, I have failed onto two subjects (Latin and Ancient Greek) but all the others are As. Suck it. And tomorrow again I'll see a doctor. And I'll explain how I feel and stuff like that. I am really going to get some help. So freaking happy.
I have to say thanks to all the kind people of the internet world and I really have to say thanks to tumblr if I still am here. 

Tumblr is one of the best things ever. Really.

Oh, I dumped my boyfriend because I didn't liked it anymore, but i think he hasn't took it so wrong.

Oh,well.. Ce'st la vie. 

(Going to study Ancient Greek. Making that F going to a C!)
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