"Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a powerful thing."

"Your happy ending may not be what you expect. That is what makes it so special."

"I'd risk my life for two things: love and revenge."


Once Upon a Time...

There was the Outer Zone, a magical land full of all things beauty and life. Many kingdoms sprouted along the large continent of Spectrium and its surrounding islands. The O.Z. provided the perfect environment for peace and light. Although each country faced moments of internal conflict, there was a great peace between them.

Good always prevailed over evil.

That is, until Azkadellia murdered her sister, magically incarcerated her mother, and stole the throne of the Emerald. She spread her dark magic to take over the lives of her people and altered the fabric of her domain. She tried to rid everyone of joy, thinking that if she could not have her happy ending, no one should. Like a tyrant, she ruled over the Emerald City and land with an iron fist, chilled heart, and unforgiving magic. What she could not have, she destroyed. What she could not control, she killed. And anyone who tried to leave her land was subject to the cruelest forms of torture, experimented on by her special 'doctors.'

But it was just a number of years before the crumbling land of green was not enough for her. The other kingdoms of Spectrium still have happiness, hope, and light that abounds in them. Azkadellia wants all of the colors to fall into her dark grasp and wither like her own land. The other kingdoms continue their happy lives unbeknownst of the curse that Azkadelia is creating, one that will rip them from the O.Z. and send them to the Inner Zone, locally known as Earth.

In this new land, she will have control. People will be ripped from the magic of Spectrium, losing their names, memories, and loved ones.

It's only a matter of time before evil prevails over good and happy endings are lost forever...


it kind of angers me that this doll turned out better than my own dreamcast rapunzel doll ahahah.
oh well. c'est la vie!
and yes, this was also going to be a possible audition for rapunzel, but i FINALLY decided on a character and didn't want this set to go to waste either.

so final ad doll for ACoV, i swear (honestly if you haven't heard about this rp yet--shame on you ;3 it's literally all i talked about in my past 3 sets--crazy, i know.)

ok. enough doll posting for me. i actually do have stuff to do now (and work on my /actual/ character's collection).
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Wrote three years ago
One of the best lines in the movie! XD



The Dreamcast Disney Princess Dolls Challenge

The Dreamcast Disney Princess Dolls Challenge

♔ The Dreamcast Disney Princess Dolls Challenge ♔
created by @jolieenrose
**notice: there more than likely has already been a challenge like this before, but hey, the more the merrier, right?
- - - -
A few months ago, I began a "Dreamcast Disney Princess Dolls as Models" challenge and then a few more lovely people caught on and began the challenge too, so I figured I'd start a challenge group because, why not, right?
For this challenge, it's up to you to design Disney Princess-themed dolls and dreamcast them. You'll find the list of princesses below to recreate, and if you'd like to further the challenge, there's also Disney heroines, Disney Villains, and many more (or you could add your own!).
- - - -
♔ "Rules" ♔
01. Make a dreamcast disney doll! Any way you'd like. But ONLY dolls.
02. Submit it to this group when you're finished. There'll be contests, too, so that's cool, yeah?
03. You don't /have/ to use models. Use celebrities as well, or anyone else you see fit!
04. Also, this isn't a definitive challenge; you can complete all the princesses or heroines, etc, separately. Basically, you don't need to recreate EVERY single character to win the challenge
05. Feel free to add on more Disney characters. This obviously isn't a completed list, so if you think of someone who isn't mentioned, go ahead and cast that character as well!
06. I'll be adding more characters and categories to the list over time, such as Disney Princes, heroes, male villains, etc, so this technically will never end ;]
07. It's not required, but if you'd like, you can put all of your dolls in a lovely collection, pm me the link, and I'll post them to the main page when finished.
08. Also, you do not have to complete the dolls in chronological order. Make them based on who you like best, who's the easiest/hardest/prettiest/etc, or even randomly. It doesn't matter.
09. Just have fun and see how many you can do!
10. You'll complete the challenge every time you finish a category, so there's multiple times you can "win", per se.
- - - -
☆ The Categories ☆

♔ Disney Princesses ♔
01. Snow White | Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
02. Cinderella | Cinderella
03. Aurora | Sleeping Beauty
04. Ariel | The Little Mermaid
05. Belle | Beauty and the Beast
06. Jasmine | Aladdin
07. Pocahontas | Pocahontas
08. Mulan | Mulan
09. Tiana | The Princess and the Frog
10. Rapunzel | Tangled
11. Merida | Brave
12. Anna | Frozen
13. Elsa | Frozen

♔ Disney Heroines ♔
14. Alice | Alice in Wonderland
15. Wendy Darling | Peter Pan
16. Eilonwy | The Black Cauldron
17. Esmeralda | The Hunchback of Notre Dame
18. Megara | Hercules
19. Jane Porter | Tarzan
20. Jane | Peter Pan: Return to Neverland
21. Melody | The Little Mermaid 2
22. Kida | Atlantis: The Lost Empire
23. Lilo | Lilo & Stitch
24. Giselle | Enchanted
25. Boo | Monsters Inc.
26. Charlotte La Bouff | The Princess and the Frog
27. Bo Peep | Toy Story
28. Jessie | Toy Story 2
29. Barbie | Toy Story 3
30. Sofia | Sofia the First
31. Vanellope von Schweetz | Wreck-It Ralph
32. Jessica Rabbit | Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
33. Madellaine | The Hunchback of Notre Dame II
34. Sally | Nightmare Before Christmas

♔ Disney Ladies ♔
35. Nani | Lilo & Stitch
36. The Blue Fairy | Pinocchio
37. Anita | 101 Dalmatians
38. Tigerlily | Peter Pan
39. Audrey Rocio Ramirez | Atlantis: The Lost Empire
40. Flora | Sleeping Beauty
41. Fauna | Sleeping Beauty
42. Merryweather | Sleeping Beauty
43. The Fairy Godmother | Cinderella
44. Aquata | The Little Mermaid
45. Andrina | The Little Mermaid
46. Arista | The Little Mermaid
47. Attina | The Little Mermaid
48. Adella | The Little Mermaid
49. Alana | The Little Mermaid
50. Athena | The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning
51. Chicha | The Emporer's New Groove
52. Nakoma | Pocahontas

♔ Disney Fairies ♔
53. Tinkerbell | Peter Pan
54. Rosetta | Tinker Bell
55. Iridessa | Tinker Bell
56. Silvermist | Tinker Bell
57. Fawn | Tinker Bell
58. Vidia | Tinker Bell
59. Fairy Mary | Tinker Bell
60. Queen Clarion | Tinker Bell
61. Lyria | Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure
62. Viola | Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure
63. Periwinkle | Secret of the Wings
64. Spike | Secret of the Wings
65. Gliss | Secret of the Wings
66. Zarina | The Pirate Fairy

♔ Disney Animal Heroines ♔
67. Minnie
68. Daisy Duck
69. Faline | Bambi
70. Flower | Bambi
71. Maid Marian | Robin Hood
72. Marie | The Aristocats
73. Duchess | The Aristocats
74. Lady | Lady and the Tramp
75. Perdita | 101 Dalmatians
76. Vixey | The Fox and the Hound
77. Georgette | Oliver and Company
78. Nala | The Lion King
79. Princess Atta | A Bug's Life
80. Dot | A Bug's Life
81. Kiara | The Lion King 2
82. Dory | Finding Nemo
83. Rita | Oliver and Company
84. Georgette | Oliver and Company

♔ Disney Villains ♔
85. The Evil Queen | Snow White
86. Lady Tremaine | Cinderella
87. Anastasia | Cinderella
88. Drizella | Cinderella
89. Maleficent | Sleeping Beauty
90. Cruella de Vil | 101 Dalmatians
91. The Queen of Hearts | Alice in Wonderland
92. Ursula | The Little Mermaid
93. Vanessa | The Little Mermaid
94. Morgana | The Little Mermaid 2
95. Helga Sinclair | Atlantis: The Lost Empire
96. Madame Medusa | The Rescuers
97. Mother Gothel | Tangled
98. Queen Narissa | Enchanted
99. Yzma | The Emperor's New Groove
100. Marina Del Rey | The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning

♔ Bonus Non-Disney Princesses ♔
101. Anastasia | Anastasia
102. Odette | The Swan Princess
103. Thumbelina | Thumbelina
- - - -

♔ Completed Challenges ♔
01. @jolieenrose (
02. @ultracake (
03. @ladypiraterose (
04. @oceanicinsomniac (
05. @phreak (
06. @ohioruth (
07. @expiredsunshine (
08. @never-never (

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