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happy december ~
sorry that this set isn't very winter-y. i was just in the mood to make a more girly set. 
haven't been on here in so long - i think i'm going to quit my tip account, because i don't make many sets anyway, and it's too much of a commitment. i can make a tip set on my old account if i feel like it.
guys i'm so excited for christmas. i can't believe it's only like 23 days left - i need to start christmas shopping. maybe i should just get everyone nail polish. this is too stressful.
school is pretty good - lots of homework as usual. yesterday i was at the bar mitzvah of one of my good friends from elementary school - i got to see all these people who i hadn't seen for like 8 months. i was like tearing up during the cheesy picture slideshow thing haha whoops. 
i have a debate tournament on the 15th, and i've only debated once before in class. kind of scared. i have no idea why i'm going - i'm going to fail so terribly. 
well, right now i'm watching macbarbie07 and clipping stuff to my amazon wish list. i want an iphone, but i know that's not going to happen because i kill at least 3 regular phones per year.
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