~One Direction, Nobody Compares {CAN I JUST.... I can't even #fangirling #omg}


Not sure what this layout is, but if it's yours, please tell me! <3 

I cannot even properly fangirl right now because I just don't even know Take Me Home is super duper amazing oh gosh guys I can barely handle it IT IS SOOOO GOOODDDDDD omg I love all the bonus tracks (obviously this one) and all the regular songs and my bestie (whom I just finally converted into a Directioner) got the Target deluxe and I got the yearbook edition so we both get all the different bonus songs #SCORE ahhhhhhhhhhhh seriously help me I don't know how I can like I don't know I mean all this perfection plus it's a big week for my sorority this week and I get officially initiated this weekend I am so excited! AND THIS SEMESTER IS ALMOST OVER whoa I enrolled for next semester on Monday and it's crazy my first semester of college is almost over eep!! A lot has happened in these past few months wow. Anyway, I will try to come on more on the weekends (I didn't last weekend because I got food poisoning :/ #notfun) but yeah finals coming up will keep me busy so I still really can't come on during the week and maybe not on the weekends coming up but I WILL TRY :/ MISS YOU GUYS AND YOUR SETS AND YOUR AWESOMENESS and I do read all your comments, sorry if I don't tag reply to all of them. And answering PMs is slowly happening, slowly but surely... LOVE YOU GUYS, YOU'RE THE BEST <33 Have a great weekend! :)

Honestly 1D is just.... Perfect. I can't decide which album I like better they're both fantastic <3 

P.S. Noticed Poly changed some things... anyone want to update me on that exactly?
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