full name; Ruby Rose Northman
age; 18

type of being; werewolf
bio / character study;
Born in the vibrant city of New Orleans, Louisiana Ruby or Rubbles as her friends affectionately call her, had no choice but to be open minded to everything the world had to offer her. To look at, Ruby is a shy insecure girl going through a rebellious phase, but still sweet as honey. However once you surpass that shes is a crazy,vibrant out of this world girl and where Ruby is, mischief is bound to follow. She was just an ordinary girl living a normal teenage life in a cultural city. It was all thanks to her father, Brendan,an archaeologist who despite his chaotic lifestyle, raised Ruby all on his own. 

Because of her fathers job, they traveled the world together and created many memories an experiences. They were not only father and daughter, but best friends who they could always count on.

One thing her father had always taught her was that honesty was the best policy, luckily for Ruby. She is very opinionated and has a sharp tongue. Being blunt isn't one of her redeemable qualities, but that's just her. So it came to no surprise that learning that her father had a secret, a big secret at that, would come as a stab in the back to the now trust less Ruby. She had trusted her father with her life. The day of her 16th birthday, she had received a letter from her deceased mother who claimed that she was a werewolf, and that Ruby had more than likely inherit the gene and would probably turn that day, the full moon but also her birthday. Her father had snatched her away, bringing her up as ordinary when she was far from it. He knew what she was, but wanted to protect her from it all which despite his intentions, just made her more vulnerable, which proved to be fatal for her father. On that same say, Ruby had lost control in a rage of anger during an argument with her father which resulted in her turning and killing her father.

You could only imagine what Ruby was going through, she didn't know herself anymore. So she fled, fled the country and traveled around the world trying to get away, to get away from himself.
Years had gone by yet that day stuck in her mind constantly. It was all she ever dreamt about and even found herself calling out for her father. She couldn't believe what she'd done. She didn't know who he was anymore.

Along her travels, she had heard about a place in Paris, an institute that took in 'others'. She thought they could help her in controlling her...'quirk' as she liked to call it, and in return she would help them in any way she can. She finds it tough being a newbie and ignorant to the world she was clearly a part of, but she's taking it step by step. She needed to become a better person, for her father above all else.

model; Charlotte Free
parabatai; nope!
hunter / other partnership; none yet.

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